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In-Game Name: =|FF|= Dusty
Location: ATL
Bio: Dust Devil's Rage

Through the bombs and the bullets, the nades and the Heli's, I'll rush the opposition and cut open their bellies. 

In that building ahead, those windows upstairs are those bastards that use the scope and cross hairs. 

Peering down range through the scope of their rifles, their methods of warfare considered so spiteful. 

Entering the building I know Painless awaits, guarding the stairs for his sniper team mates. 

His M60 hungry, desperate to feed, but he can not control it due to Dust Devil's speed. 

Pulling the pin of my stun hand grenade, he's blinded and frozen, I break his blockade. 

Burying my blade deep in his chest, then flow up the stairs to the sniper team's nest. 

BOOM goes a claymore, I'm too fast for its wrath, then there's another direct in my path. 

I jump the explosion, the shrapnel sails by, ahead lie the snipers, and they will soon die. 

Not far from the door, I hear a rifles report, death gripping my blade, there is no abort. 

I bust in the room and start cutting noobs down, three blood stained bodies now lie on the ground. 

Three snipers lie dead in two point five seconds, on to the next room for the Grim Reaper beckons. 

I flow down the hall, quick peek in the room, noob sniper don't know, it'll soon be his tomb. 

While selecting his target I am breaching the door, another sniper soon to be dead on the floor.

I sprint forward and leap, up high in the sky, No Mercy from the Edge of the Blade is my cry.

Streams of blood dripping from the battle worn blade, chalk up another violent sniper's nest raid. 

This struggle, this fight, this war that I wage, I'll carry on the legacy of Dust Devil Rage.

Before God I swear this creed,
I'll stop at nothing to make you bleed. Violence of action and a shit ton of speed. Eight hours of Crossfire is what I need.

At the start of the fight I charge in to the mix, follow me gents for I got your 6. Stay with me and I'll stay with thee, a violent assault is victory's key.

You'll know I'm near when you're blinded by light, shortly thereafter you'll be outta the fight. I will thrust my blade, straight into your face, and then watch your blood spray all over the place. You'll hope to spawn close, to get retribution, but it will only result in your prompt execution.

I'll roll over your team like an M1 tank, imposing my will, from flank to flank, using nades, knives and MP5's, helicopter gunships and bombs from the skies. Absolute violence is what you will see, your wall hack and aim assist won't save you from me. 

If the score is close or completely one sided, I'll fight till’ the end, till’ the battle's decided. Whether it smells like victory or it's lookin’ like defeat, I'll stand tall with my men where the metal meets the meat. 

Whether you’re a track star or camper who never leaves your foxhole, just control what you can control and let the good times roll.

There'll always be someone better and you can't win em' all, but best to go down swinging if you're going to take a fall. So don't sit on your ass letting the enemy come to you. All Ahead Full is how the Dust Devil do.

When the Devil comes around you best be ready to pay the toll, absolute destruction is the Devil's evil goal. 

You got the balls to call out the Devil’s name and you think you’re walkin’ tall, until he cuts your fucking balls off and your screams are heard by all.

He'll be coming for your blood, and he'll be coming for your soul. He'll cut your fuckin’ heart out and he'll swallow that bitch whole. 

He'll wipe his mouth and grin as he surveys the bloody scene, your ravaged soul enslaved by the Devil's Death Machine. 

He'll vanish into the fog of war, his whereabouts unknown. You could have one hundred teammates but he'll make you feel alone. 

He'll materialize behind your team like an evil apparition, and impose his will upon them like a God of War tactician. 

I am Dust Devil Rage and I am Hell unbound, and I'll burn your little gameplay straight to the ground. You ain't got nothing that I haven't seen, I'm a psychopathic blood spilling Killing Machine. Stone Cold Crazy fuckin’ Killer of Man, the baddest sum’ bitch to ever walk this land. 

I don't need binds, scripts or bullshit hacks, or AK's with stopping power and deep impacts. Those are tools for folks that think they're skilled, but up against the Devil they gonna get killed.

They can't play close, they need line of sight, going inside gives them a fright. They know the buildings are cursed, they know that evils’ inside. They know that it's where Devils reside. All I need is raw fucking aggression and the desire to kill, dropping Mother Fuckers till’ I get my fill.

All I want in life is to hunt your ass down. You choking on blood is my favorite sound. I respect few and I fucking fear none, and I'll cut your little friends down one by one. 

You got nowhere to hide and nowhere to run, just a matter of time before you are done. 

Whether I’m playing as Marine or as the Mujahideen, I’m the baddest Mother Fucker that this game has ever seen. 

From the day we first meet until they lay you in the grave, you will forever be haunted by the Dust Devil's Rage.

Between the truth and the lies, the earth and the skies, are the killing fields where the Devil abides. 

Knee deep in blood sweat and tears and the smiles and cries, a simple wave of his hand and the enemy dies.

In the wake of the Devil you’ll find enemy blood, and sliced up bodies face down in the mud, hundreds of shell casings and hand grenade pins, the Devil shall make you pay for your sins.

He maestro’s the orchestra of pleasure and directs the theater of pain, while he’s running full throttle in his Runaway Train. 

So get off the tracks when the trains coming through, I am Dust Devil Rage, tried, tested and true. 

No matter how hard you try, or how much you strive, you will never fucking take The Dust Devil alive. 

Heaven don’t want me and Hell has barred the door, so if you think you want a piece of me, you oughta think a little more.

So you best batten down the hatches, secure those water tight doors, cuz I’m about to send your Battleship to the Ocean fucking floor.

I am the hard core, the encore, the competition you asked for, be careful what you wish for, because you’ll end up a little butt sore. 

I’ll break you down, I’ll raze your town and then stomp your ass into the ground. 

Skull & Cross Bones is my Flag Unfurled, Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Dust Devil Rage, he is second to none, if he can’t do it, it cannot be done. 

I'm a Rusher. 

A Knifer. 

A Mother Fucking Fatal Forces Crossfire Lifer. 

I'll slaughter every one of you before I am through.

I am Dust Devil Rage, 

Who the fuck are you?


Back in the day, I've been through many a door, my brothers and I clad in armor level IV. With Rock River's slung, backed by G21s, everyones locked and cocked condition fuckin’ 1. We've rammed doors so hard front walls came down, in the rubble inside, SKS's were found. Bad guys had been there laying in wait, but when the walls started falling they feared for their fate. Out the back they scattered, running like hell, which is the equivalent of our Perimeter K9's dinner bell. Call off the dog you could hear them scream, our dogs were violent, fast, fearless and mean. I've brought out drugs and I've brought out kids, automatic weapons and duct taped hostages. I served in the area of the ATL, on call every night and every day, in a slow fucking Hell. 


To the corners of the World I carry Uncle Sam's name, and if anyone tries me they gonna feel the fuckin’ pain. 

Inside my wallet is a flash of Gold, and what that thing says on it cannot be told. Violence of Action is how we do our Deed. Tactics, Accuracy, Power, Surprise, Aggression, Speed.

A prayer goes up as I suit up my kit, God please don't kill them, let me do it. Guide my hand as I enter the fray, shower me red with enemy blood on this day. Smother my enemies with fear and with doubt, for this killing spree mission I shall carry out. Carry me forward behind enemy lines, and shield me from their claymore mines. Cloak my movements from the enemy's sight, so I can steal their souls like a thief in the night. 

Pull pin, Frag Out and Fire in the Hole -

Have no Mercy upon thy Soul. 

I’m =|FF|= Dusty and I’ll kill ya Lickety fuckin’ split. I will never accept defeat and I will Never Fucking Quit. 


Sex: Male

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