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Hello! - phear - 09-05-2017

Hello guys! I have seen most of you in the cod4 servers. I enjoy your servers because it gives me something to do when I get off work teaching/coaching, the competition is good, and when there are cheaters, they get removed. Thank you for having awesome servers. It is also fun to try to get up the leaderboard.

Unfortunately, I think I got banned today. I have played over a hundred hours between user names (ployphear and phear) and have never had a problem.??I understand its hard to police a server and it comes with a bunch of complications. Its a two week ban, so I will wait it out if need be, but I was hoping to get it removed.

I can show any proof needed or any evidence.??I would just like to play. It is fun playing a game I used to play competitively back in the day and I enjoy your server the most. It would be sad not to be able to play in it.

Either way, thanks for creating spaces to play. Its a good time. I know its a long shot to post this, but I figured I give it a try.

Edit - A quick google search says this:
[Image: PKysGok.png]
I dont even know what that means. I enjoy the idea of being a demi-god. So would my wife. She wouldn't hear me complain every time I get naded.

RE: Hello! - Dr.Termi57 - 09-05-2017

You're posting in the wrong section....please see Ban Issues and use the following format:

Please follow this format below for all ban appeals. You can find your ban here??http://fatalforces.com/newechelon/pubbans.php??.??

Please don't re-post your appeal if it doesn't show up on the page as they need to be first approved so don't worry if you don't see it.

In-Game Name:
which server were you playing on:
Date and Time of Ban:
Banning Admin or other Admins Present:
Reason for Ban:

Please be courteous in appealing your ban. Being nice will go a??long??way.

RE: Hello! - phear - 09-05-2017

Sorry! New here! Still the positives are more important anyways!