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Hello Again!! - Zig - 12-24-2018

Hello all....not sure if any of you remember me but I'm back!!! Its only been 3 years.?? Hope everyone is well...its nice to see the FF servers are still doing well.?? See everyone soon.?? Forgive me I'm still trying to knock the rust off the old trigger finger.

A little information about me, I live in Michigan north of Detroit. Ripe age of 46, married with 3 great boys. I like to game still (obviously), avid bowler, play golf during the summer, coach baseball and fish with the kids.


RE: Hello Again!! - Cobra - 02-19-2019

I remember you. Welcome back bro. I've seen you in game once or twice already. Good to see you back

RE: Hello Again!! - Dusty - 02-19-2019

Welcome back.

RE: Hello Again!! - INGA - 02-20-2019