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Hello - Badfish - 12-19-2019

Hey guys, I'm Shawn! use to frequent your servers quite regularly as R[wc]BADFISH. As usual life happens stepped away from gaming and sold my computer. Now I'm back going through a divorce and just recently built a kinda budget gaming computer. lol I hope to see everyone in the server's and in Team speak once my mic arrives of course!

If anyone wants to get the all map cod4 server going I'm your man! I hate playing the same map over and over.

RE: Hello - blaze - 12-20-2019

hello, nice to meet you. I hope I get to meet you in the servers (:

RE: Hello - Badfish - 12-20-2019

Hey Blaze, I believe I seen you last night in crossfire!

RE: Hello - blaze - 12-20-2019

we probably did lol i join alot during the night

RE: Hello - [UW]EyeOfKitty - 12-21-2019

Aloha Shawn,

everything that keeps CoD4 running is enough, doesn't have to be the coolest rig Wink

I support your map change idea btw, started out on AllMaps for that reason.

We shall meet again Smile


RE: Hello - Badfish - 12-21-2019

Eye of kitty, It seems everyone wants to play broadcast and crossfire. maybe have a server play those two maps then every third map be something different. just something to change it up

RE: Hello - [UW]EyeOfKitty - 12-21-2019

Very nice idea, Fish. FF actually already owns a server like that: Broadcast-Crash-Crossfire:


Wish there'd be more ppl, too. Let's populate that Tongue

RE: Hello - Badfish - 12-21-2019

I just seen that... I will work on populating it tomorrow EyeOfKitty! I need verity back in my life! lol