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=|FF|=Whitewolf coming back to say hi

I cant believe 8 years later this gaming clan is still alive and servers are still up. My name is now EvilPNCKE but I was a full member of FF under the handle =|FF|=Whitewolf back in my day(when the clan was fresh and COD4 was a newer game back in '09. Crazy to think you guys still kept this alive!

Crazy, I still see some people from back in my day like Wolfpr3dator and Marshman. Those were my peeps!
Welcome back WhiteWolf.
???? It's good ta see some of the veteran players coming back ta say hi from time ta time.?? Hope you get a chance to enjoy the servers that are still populated.?? Maybe even get a favorite server re-populated if you wanna sit in on it for a while.?? We do get players who would play on other servers IF there were others playing on it.??
???? Keep up on the forums here and we'll see if "the dark side (nostalgia in this case) is still strong in this one."?? Some of us are in TeamSpeak (?? ) most evenings.?? Come on in a chat with us for a while when ya get a chance.?? Ya never know who of us might show up there.


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