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Amman's Introduction.
???Amman's Introduction???
???Real Life Info???

Real Name: Amman Wahab.
Country: Pakistan (PK).
Age And Gender:??19 And Male.

???In Game??Info???

Ingame Nick: Amman.
When Did I Start Playing In FF Rotu: I've been playing in it from a month ago.
How did you get in This Server: Well, I'm CoD4 Rotu addicted I was looking for an good active rotu server that has enough players and is good so I went to gametracker saw that and started playing it, I've been playing CoD4 rotu since 2011 But I left it for few months due to real life issues.

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Amman's Introduction. - by Amman - 07-12-2016, 05:58 AM

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