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How manage hypersensitivty sometimes :s
Hi all,

Maybe some of the readers will recognize me... I don't know how to express this clearly but sometimes it is super hard to be heard and understood. I know that i am a hypersensible one, might can say susceptible. Thus i'm categorized as a bitching one or a winnign one when i express frustration during game (it occurs i admit, but generally if no one outbits i feel better in a minute). And to be honest it affects me very much cause i love the game, the community here, good mojo here. I, i just don't know how to explain, it's like a feeling that comes from the stomach and stays in the head. And it stays, and it stays... and the persons i respect,i like starts troll, think i'm a hateful one...
It is a vicious circle cause then i'm asked to make silence during game whereas i'm trying to say i'm sorry to be me, :Sad just want to be understood and the tears come out quite often cause this situation occurs again and again whereas i'm promising myself to improve

Love you guys, take care

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How manage hypersensitivty sometimes :s - by Skyrundas - 10-25-2018, 11:06 AM

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