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Da Herro
I use to hang out on the FF Teamspeak back in the day with Wolfie, Cloud, and Hunter or Ven(its been so long I am not sure what name he went under in FF). I worked as a Die Setter for 4 years in powdered metal factory(not the paint). Now I am going back to school for my CCNA.

I mostly play games like "Rim World", "Banished", and "Dawn of War" however I am getting back in to COD 4.??

Hope to see you all on Teamspeak and in game.
It's good ta see so many of our past members and players "coming back home" again.?? I guess home is were you hang your "FF tags".?? The force is still strong between these "FF " alumni, young Raz.?? They return to their origins when they sense they are needed. ??
???? Hope you enjoy the servers and the crew that works and plays here.?? See ya in-game again soon.

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