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Allo mates!
Hi, I'm Gamuh!

I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, and have been playing COD4 since release!

I frequented the Happy Penguin Canadian Bacon 24/7 crossfire server way back in the day and also the FF servers earlier on! I'd like to become more active here so that I can be a trusted member and not have to worry about being banned for wallhacking!??

My skill level is medium I'd say, if the server is populated I struggle to reach top 3, but with less than 20 my headphones do the work for me Wink????If I can't hear you, I'm going to spray and pray at your walls and typical camping spots.

If anyone wants to play PUBG with me until my ban is up (two weeks from now), find me on steam!!

And please, if you can view my demo on the teamspeak server of the proclaimed wallhacking, let me know what you think of it VIA pm or such. I love these servers and don't want to miss out on the only decent remaining servers in COD4..

Nice to have you here.....Have FUN!!!
(02-25-2018, 04:37 PM)Dr.Termi57 Wrote: Nice to have you here.....Have FUN!!!

Thanks! Do you folks plan to host any other types of servers for different games? Did you guys host Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142 servers before? I used to play on the DiG servers way back, can't remember if FF had any then too

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