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Hello All!
Hi there,

My name's Ash, known in game as either TanGo DowN or Ashbo. I play the 24/7 Cracked all maps on my lunch break and occasionally when I get home.

I'm a web developer who specialises in front end development and WordPress. I also manage a number of Linux web servers and have run game servers in the past, both as a clan and a game server provider. I also work part time in a busy bar in the town centre, as a bar tender.

I'm currently managing the old Netsky servers, which I'm trialing with a $100 free credit from Digital Ocean however I'm considering killing that at the end as it's not doing too well and is expensive.

In April I might load up some UK based game servers on a dedi I have sitting around. I'm mostly playing for fun but also hate having hackers around. As a result, I'm always jumping onto forums and reporting them.

Hope to see some of you in game, and would love to jump on TS with you folks some time.
(02-27-2018, 01:05 AM)tacobar23 Wrote: Why even waste your time with these monkey clowns? They ban people for no reason. Then you come in for a simple explanation and request and they delete all your comments and make it so you can't reply to your own threads. These admins can go eat a bag of dicks.

Because I enjoy playing on their servers and have a good laugh with other people on there. It's simply really, play by the rules, and be polite. I've been accused of hacks in their servers by several people, however other players and on a few occasions, admins, have worked out that I'm not hacking.

The servers are theirs after all, so they can do what they want. They could ban every player on the game if they wanted (Though I wouldn't recommend it!) but like most other communities, admins can enforce rules at their discretion. It's up to *you* to justify/prove why you should be unbanned. They way I've done it after being banned for "hacking" (On another server, not FF) was to record a demo, and set a camera up so you could see my hands, screen and demo at once.

Was easy enough to prove it.

Being rude on here to me (Just a regular player, who plays when I'm not working) isn't going to get you unbanned. You need to be civil and polite about the matter and to the right people - the admins and more specifically, the one who banned you. Jump on their TS and speak to someone from the community on there, it'll do more than saying they can "go eat a bag of dicks", trust me.
TanGo DowN, there is just one issue and that is while it is their server, they will just ban people who they are convinced is hacking and ignore any evidence that he is not. I've posted the whole game to matches they've kicked me from, not demos, sure. But recorded the whole thing with OBS, not just single points of a good play/ show of skill.

Admittedly, I was dick to them and trolled them a bit after the fact but when I get pretty told to either play the Pro Mod server or be banned, when I didn't break any rules, it does agitate me and others I would bet.
(03-09-2018, 01:49 PM)Dusty Wrote: Good seeing you here.

Got some Guinness for me there at your pub?

Sadly not, it's all spirits and wine! We've got 350 french wines and 240 gins, the rest are vodkas, rums, whisky etc Tongue

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