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Guess Who <3
I figured I would take the time to introduce myself.

Some know me, some don't, some wish they didn't know me Tongue

I am one of the former clan owners of the now disbanded clan Alliance Gamerz.

Anyway, I had been trying to avoid playing in =FF= servers for a good while, up until recently when I decided I would try it out, mainly because of conflict of interest.??
I guess when you get used to your own rules, it is hard to conform to others, and as such, I realize that Fatal Forces has their own rules, and what I would consider less
than desirable game admin standards, nonetheless its their clan.

I seen a regular and an ex AG clan member in the crossfire server, so I revealed to them who I was, and I played that entire round without trouble.
I think I baited myself up when I revealed who I was, but a little into the next round, I was doing fairly well, not off the charts when I got kicked...

I seen a gun barrel moving in the crack between the wall and trashcan, I took the time to check to be sure it wasn't a teammate and when I noticed it wasn't which there was a little delay, I got the kill and it happened to be DrTermi57. I was kicked. I rejoined to see if I was banned, and I wasn't, when I was told to "turn it off".

I explained that I seen the gun barrel moving, and I was pretty disgusted at that point, so what I said next wasn't the right thing to say, but hey I am known to rage, and I was kicked again, which brought me here.

Being a former clan owner, the one thing I know for sure we hold in common is zero tolerance for hacking which I certainly wasn't, and I don't even think I had UAV up at the time.
I am often told to listen to your gut instinct and this was one of those times, I could actually see it coming.??

I have heard that other AG members have been unjustly kicked/banned as well for "bogus" reasons, and it makes me kind of sad when they are mainly just looking for servers to play on.??I told them before we went down, they could continue to wear the tags if they wish, as long as they hold the standards I expected that I had in my official capacity as clan owner.
I know there were issues in the past, between FF and AG??but I tried to smooth things over as much as I possible could, and I was not apart of those issues.

While my time on the servers was brief, I had fun playing. I got the point that I'm not welcome, and I apologize for what I said.??

- Rampage out!
So you were an owner of AG for 7 months
Called yourself =AG= Hitler as ??a Joke ??
I see ??=|FF|=DrTermi57 ??hit you with ??a BAn for admin disrespect
TempBan Mon, 19/03/18 (23:47) 2 weeks Mon, 02/04/18 (23:47) AD ?? ?? =|FF|=DrTermi57

Name karson @id 790391
Alias ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Times Used ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??First Used ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Last Used
=AG= Rampage ?? ?? ?? 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? ??Wed, 28/06/17 (23:59) ?? ?? ?? Sun, 25/02/18 (14:35)

Priar AG members are more than welcome to come in and play in our servers
But here's ??a tip ??Save the Drama for your Momma
Playing in our servers is ??a privilege not ??a rite
Check our !rules
be respectful of other players ??( we have ??a ZERO Tolerance policy for racism of any kind )
And just play fair and have fun

Sorry I don't know you, and it's??not something I care to know or worry about, but FYI??I run a UAV jammer. You killed me multiple other times where you should not have known where I was and I had others also concerned you were using a WH. You were kicked ONLY but you decided to start calling names....AG Severs would also not tolerant that type of behavior. Your welcome to play here just play clean and stop acting like a victim and more your age. We've had very few issues with Ex-AG members. Hopefully you'll be one too that has fun and acts nice in game.
I hope you folks enjoy the servers, feel free to come on TS and talk with folks, We can be a little tuff on folks but as you already know keeping out hackers and letting folks just play is a game all in itself

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