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admins are doing stupid things
20 minutes ago I was playing on the server and two admins were online - PeaceMaker and Red Horse.
I can't tell for sure who was that, but one of the admins was kicking out me and other players all the time without any explanation, just like he had really lots of fun.
Please stop behave like a child and don't ruin clan's reputation with such a silly stuff.??Or just go sleep in case if you are drunk.?? Exclamation
You been busy
If we can find an FY link it will mean a PERM BAN
He feels you use a Wall Hack so we will look into that
Thanks for bringing it to our attention

849538 Kick Sat, 28/04/18 (06:38) (Kick Only) wh
849537 Kick Sat, 28/04/18 (06:32) (Kick Only) fy clan
847351 TempBan Mon, 02/04/18 (08:17) 2 weeks Mon, 16/04/18 (08:17) multihack
846968 Warning Thu, 29/03/18 (16:12) 1 hour Thu, 29/03/18 (17:12) don't be racist
846759 Warning Tue, 27/03/18 (14:20) 1 hour Tue, 27/03/18 (15:20) do not use commands that you do not have access to, try using !help
846207 Kick Thu, 22/03/18 (15:25) (Kick Only) block
846132 Warning Wed, 21/03/18 (17:36) 1 hour Wed, 21/03/18 (18:36) do not use commands that you do not have access to, try using !help

Thanks for looking into it.
I have no idea what is FY.
Also, I recognize this history... but...what the hell is:
847351 TempBan Mon, 02/04/18 (08:17) 2 weeks Mon, 16/04/18 (08:17) multihack

Now I got it.??I could not login into the server for approx 1 week of trials. Actually I could login but then I immediately got kicked out of the game. I thought it's some kind of bug or something.... But in fact I was banned????? Huh??
I never used hacks in my life. Even more, I use Mac??OS for many-many years, I have no windows machine at all. Therefore, playing COD4 on my iMac only. I'm trying to say that probability of having MAC OS cheats approaches zero, as nobody will spend his time creating this shit for 0.1% of Mac OS COD4 users. AFAIK all the cheats are for windows.
Very, very interesting...
Config Tweaks are viewed as multihacks and can result in a BAN

And yes there are cheats for MAC OS
I'm just not willing to send you the list of sites

Play fair have fun =|FF|=RED HORSE was just kicking you as a warning to leave the Wall Hack off
You have no current bans at this time

I have no config tweaks. I always play with defaults. The only change I made was??replacing weapon switch with??scroll wheel.
When I play fair, Red Horse bans me. How nice!??
Anyway,??the main message was delivered and I hope next time he will spectate me more before deciding to ban.
Seems you want to be a problem child.....being nice goes a long way here!

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