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Hey everybody
I wanted to drop a couple of lines to intro myself. My in-game name is Aurora, I'm??47 and a??long time online gamer. Played the original Quake back in 1997, BF1942 in 2003 and then COD4 in??2007.????I was a member of NRNS and an in-game admin. Took a leave of absence for 7 years and started back up around 2 weeks ago(still dusting off the cob webs)??with my son Perseus.??We have visited FF servers back in the day and always enjoyed ourselves.
Welcome back to the Fatal Forces servers!?? We ARE still here, although with may new names in our member list in the last 7 years.?? We hope you and your son have a great time playing here.
???? We are striving to show the newer generation how to enjoy the game for the fun of it and to realize that they don't need hacks to have fun and to get better.?? Skill is a learned thing that comes with time and practice, and it's well worth the effort.
???? Hope ta see ya in-game soon.?? We are also on Teamspeak at Several of us are on in the evenings after 8:00pm EDT.?? You'll usually find me, =|FF|=2OldToRun, in my neighborhood, CrossFire - Look us up when ya get a chance.

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