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Admins need to say more than "turn it off"
admin told me to "turn it off" and gave me a warning, i asked what hacks he thought i was using and i got another warning for arguing, so i left.

if youre gonna tell someone to "turn it off" at least tell them what you think they are doing. On w@w servers i was using a reload cancel bind on snipers and that was against their rules so you know what the admins did? they told me to stop reload cancelling. its pretty simple.

i dont know if he thought i was hacking or if i was breaking some rule, but??ill never know because all he told me to do was "turn it off".

also i have the full demo if you need proof that im not a hacker.
Look Admin will tell you that to keep from Banning you. You need to follow the rules and Binds are not allowed. It's very simple you know what you're running and if an Admin sees that should ALREADY??know. Now that you hopefully understand what going on Please return your Config File to stock or they may??ban you for unfair play. Enjoy the Servers and Play Clean.????

see how easy that was, you told me binds were banned and now i know not to do it.

but what am i supposed to do when an admin tells me that im hacking when im not. there is no way for me to prove that im not hacking in game if they already think that i am.
As i'm sure you're aware, other than the blatant hackers, everyone says "i'm not using anything". You would have to be pretty stupid to outright admit that you're running hacks to an admin.

All we ask is that you play fair.??Everyone likes to be #1??on the server but if you're going 125 - 10 and you're running off other players, that defeats the whole purpose of playing. If you're that "good" of a player than maybe scale it back a little so that some of the less skilled players don't rage quit. It's truly no fun playing in an empty server which I presume is why you're here and not at some other server.

We do offer a promod server, if that's your cup of tea, invite your friends to play you there.
[Image: n00b4.png]

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-373E28-D2E1B5-889C63-889C63.png]
!rules will do wonders for a player as well
Alright, Alright, Alright....

It'd be a lot cooler if you did!

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