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Solid State Hybrid Drive
Anyone had/used one of these? They're a fraction of the cost of SSD but from the look of it they're nearly as fast as a regular SSD. For the cost they??look??pretty enticing.
[Image: n00b4.png]

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-373E28-D2E1B5-889C63-889C63.png]
I agree with the link Tugboat posted.

The solid state part of these hybrid drives is too small to make a big difference. e.g. The 4 TB hybrid Seagate drive only has 8GB of solid state storage in it... So basically 99% of your drive is the speed of a regular hard drive.

This link is decent for looking up the relative speed of various hard drives and SSDs:

Budget permitting, the ideal setup is a SSD for boot/os/main apps. A decent hard drive for everything else. And a spare drive to hold your full disk image backups.
Got both as a boot drive in 2 similar up for an SSD and just put up with the mechanical drive for now.
Yeah there's no comparison between the 2. I've had SCSI (all sorts), striped 10k raptors (3 or 4, can't remember) dozens and dozens of SATA and IDE 5400's and 7200's dating back to the mid-80's.

The mac pro has a PCI-X card I bought several years ago that pumps out nearly 850MB / sec and the PC just has a Kingston SSD now and it rips along at 550. The comparison between mechanical and SSD is not even comparable in the slightest.

Watch out on Newegg and such up your way and you'll find some smoking deals on 240's for next to nothing, I think most people have luck with the Samsung EVO and Pro. Kingston got in a ton of shit for doing some bait and switch on their drives not that long ago, I was lucky enough to get one of the really good ones.
*waiting for the day 1TB SSD's are $199.99 or less*

I'll be waiting for a while.. :'(
~??If my post text is really large it's because I've posted from my phone and it does weird sh*t. Sorry 'bout that. ~
End of summer, Black Friday at the latest

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