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Hey guys...
About time I said hi... so hi everyone. I'm 44 and I have??been on these servers forever (still have my original retail install CD), but I finally ponied up and made a donation to the cause yesterday as I love these servers and I do appreciate the effort that goes into their maintenance. Thanks to everyone who puts in the effort!

I play ingame as FartMachine, chainsaw, poo, PlayerOne??and some others that I can't remember at the moment, but I don't get to play all that often as life stuff demands my attention, but that is why I play as I like the escape it provides. That and COD4 holds up so well. They really knocked it out of the park with COD4.??Anywho, I'm glad to make y'alls acquaintance.??See you guys on Crossfire!
Welcome. Glad you enjoy the servers. It's great that a game from almost 11 years ago is still very much alive. Although the number of people playing has drastically decreased there's still a healthy population playing.

The donation is surely appreciated!
[Image: n00b4.png]

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-373E28-D2E1B5-889C63-889C63.png]
I think we might know you:

858734????Kick??Thu, 09/08/18 (22:18)??(Kick Only)

858733??Warning??Thu, 09/08/18 (22:18)??1 hour
Thu, 09/08/18 (23:18)??Please turn it off?? ??=|FF|=DrTermi57

834211????[Image: edit.png]??TempBan??Thu, 23/11/17 (02:17)??1 week, 3 days
Thu, 07/12/17 (21:14)
Multi-Hacking Per TooOld: RCon Ban removed
(Echelon: Dr.Termi57 [77])


826987????[Image: edit.png]??TempBan??Sun, 06/08/17 (16:40)??1 day
Tue, 08/08/17 (19:14)????speedhack????=|FF|=Deacon

819531??TempBan??Tue, 18/04/17 (22:37)
2 weeks??De-activated??WH/Lock on????=|FF|=DrTermi57

819528??Warning??Tue, 18/04/17 (22:26)??1 hour
Tue, 18/04/17 (23:26)
Turn WH off?? ????=|FF|= Mirvis

805762??Warning??Fri, 14/10/16 (23:46)??1 hour
Sat, 15/10/16 (00:46)
turn WH off or get banned??=|FF|= Mirvis

789179??TempBan??Sun, 01/05/16 (18:46)??3 hours
De-activated?? ??aimbot????Remi??

678819??[Image: edit.png]??TempBan??Sun, 11/01/15 (18:32)??8 hours, 4 minutes??Mon, 12/01/15 (02:36)
too many warnings: peeing in the gene pool?? ?? ?? ?? ??Ricky??

678818??Warning??Sun, 11/01/15 (18:31)??1 hour??Sun, 11/01/15 (19:31)?? ??disrespect????Ricky

678817??Warning??Sun, 11/01/15 (18:29)??1 week, 3 days??Wed, 21/01/15 (18:29)
Rule #1: No racism, No hacking, respect the admin, visit :

678811????Warning??Sun, 11/01/15 (18:24)??1 hour??Sun, 11/01/15 (19:24)??disrespect????Ricky
Please pardon my wall of??text as I'm going to be a bit long-winded here as I feel I need to be...

Yes, I have been wrongly accused of hacking before and when wrongly accused, as happens, one can get a bit bent as then you??have??to go through the process of trying to clear your name.??I have never??wall hacked. I have never aimboted. I have never whatever the rest of that is (speed/multi hack?). And for the record:??I don't know how to do any of those hacks as that isn't why I play.??And if I disrespected someone for kicking me unjustly (unjustly in my view), it certainly stemmed from the accusation that I was hacking. It doesn't justify my reaction, but does give it some context. I don't cheat and when called a cheat, you aren't going to be happy about it.

Assume for a moment that I am being completely honest when I say that I never hack and then consider how one would respond to accusations with no real way to clear those accusations? It is frustrating. And having to go through that process several times on these servers, well, I would be lying if I didn't note how frustrating it can be. And on the flip-side, I fully understand that it is a never ending chore to police these servers and keep??the hacks out.... when we've got a good game going on in Crossfire and then some a-hole shows up and aimbots everyone and kills the vibe, it??sucks. Flat out. It sucks.??And keeping those guys gone is needed, but I am not them in any way.

And as I have noted here and in my last thread pleading my case -- I have never hacked ever. The closest I ever got was trying to??learn how to quickscope when that was a thing that was infecting all servers, but gave up on it as I'm no sniper and it looks like quickscoping is now mostly frowned upon (which I think is a good thing - I'm guessing the developers of COD4 wouldn't consider it fair for someone to walk around sniping people at will as can be done when quickscoping).??

When someone has been playing the same maps for so long, it is easy to mistake skill and intuition and anticipation??for??cheating. I have run through some of those buildings in COD4 maps more times than I have entered some of the??rooms in my own house! I know them well. And we have Google Fiber and a pretty low ping, and??I tend to rush and use lighter weapons, etc. so that may give me an edge in reaction time, but then again, I'm playing on an old system with an old graphics card and cheap peripherals that would make you all laugh .... but??I'm an adult and I think we are all adults here, so if anyone wants to inspect my system for anything nefarious (I live in Kansas City), that is fine by me. And we can also certainly have??a talk in the real world and you will learn that I am a professional with a life and responsibilities and that cheating in COD4 in any manner is simply not in me.??

Sorry for the wall of text, but I don't know of any other way of establishing my bonafides with you all -- that I am an honest player and can and will be a positive addition when playing on your servers. Thank you for your time and??I hope you all have a great evening.

Edit: Deleted a duplicate word and removed the quoted text so this comment isn't so long.

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