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How manage hypersensitivty sometimes :s

Thank you for your answers, it helped boost me and regain trust :3 I think i was afraid of some troll/mean respones here but when i saw all the positivity and understanding, what a relief!!SO thank you very much!

Indeed, i know the subject of HSP quite a bit due to all the time spent with psychiatrist haha. It's fun cause in reality i "know" how to manage myself in order to feel the way, follow the flow of feelings and be happier and better. On the internet, not the same battle i would say.
The ideas of musics and stopping the chat are good, i'll try it!
For the movie, you also have Good Will Hunting which is very nice too Smile

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RE: How manage hypersensitivty sometimes :s - by Skyrundas - 10-27-2018, 02:42 AM

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