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Question out of curiousity
didn't know where else to post this its not a ban appeal but just a question out of curiousity???? i was??banned today by Killemall????for 3 hours which i know i shouldnt complain about and im not complaining i'll take my ban and play whenever it gets lifted??????but im just curious??all i did was leave the all maps server and go into crossfire like i usually do this time i ended up getting banned?? im wondering if thats against the rules to switch between the 2 servers after playing for a bit in each????if so im sorry and i'll stop doing that
3 hour temp ban, for \"enters game - says he is new / scared - says I'm bored - leaves\" Fri, 16/11/18 (13:51) =|FF|=Killemall
3 hour temp ban, for \"disgusting language in game - vulgar rude inappropriate\" Thu, 15/11/18 (20:56) =|FF|=Killemall
[Image: n00b4.png]

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-373E28-D2E1B5-889C63-889C63.png]
oh... im not allowed to say ''im bored bye'' and jokingly say ''im new im scared''??? sorry i just have a bad sense of humor and a bad habit of typing random stuff?? i'll cut it out though?? i understand the ban yesterday?? sorry if i offended anyone in the servers with my bad humor/randomness
More to this one than you think Kill
cool @878924 New un-registered User 405 Tue, 08/03/16 (19:35) Mon, 29/10/18 (22:27)
Jayy @950988 Registered User 1409 Mon, 23/01/17 (16:52) Sat, 17/11/18 (00:59)

Statements Jayy has made in game, sorted alphabetically, for your viewing pleasure.

Jayy - grow up - take your tourettes and ADHD meds daily - join our servers to play - not to get attention - keep the vulgar inappropriate comments to a minimum IE not bound to a function key!

Jayy;agent cocktickler
Jayy;agent fuckface
Jayy;agent is
Jayy;agent stick that grenade launcher up ur ass
Jayy;agent with the jugf
Jayy;ah fuck
Jayy;ah fuck i gotta poop be back in a bit
Jayy;ah pickle dick
Jayy;ah prophet
Jayy;ah the noob nade launcher
Jayy;aimbot and through walls
Jayy;a kid that found a hack on google
Jayy;aletano you prick
Jayy;alhamsandwich to you too
Jayy;aliens 12!
Jayy;aliens 15!
Jayy;aliens 25!
Jayy;all maps
Jayy;all my team does is get in my way
Jayy;all the spectators makin me nervous :/
Jayy;all they do is get in my way
Jayy;all wheel drive
Jayy;almost 10-0 :/
Jayy;almost a 10 kill streak
Jayy;almost had chopper
Jayy;a lot
Jayy;already bored bye
Jayy;also have herpes
Jayy;always daddy
Jayy;always hardcore
Jayy;always in my way
Jayy;always this guy
Jayy;am i/
Jayy;anal penetration is better
Jayy;and crabs
Jayy;and herpes
Jayy;and of course no admins on
Jayy;and somethin about bones
Jayy;and sometimes tuesdays
Jayy;armd you prick
Jayy;armed and dangerous isnt dangerous at all
Jayy;as usual Sad
Jayy;aw Sad
Jayy;aw daddy Sad
Jayy;aw fuck hyperion is still here :/
Jayy;aw fuck off
Jayy;aw fuck sakes
Jayy;aw ginos on my team
Jayy;a whole round at one guy and no death
Jayy;aw im on ghosts team
Jayy;aw im on the wrong team
Jayy;aw my streak Sad
Jayy;a woman named meat curtains
Jayy;aye daddy chief
Jayy;back to being a juggerslut
Jayy;back to my jug
Jayy;back to my p90
Jayy;back to my p90 fuck yall
Jayy;bacon you fucker
Jayy;bacon you're a dick
Jayy;bad daddy Sad
Jayy;bad game
Jayy;bad game"
Jayy;bad joke :/
Jayy;bad reload time
Jayy;ban cobra
Jayy;ban nade launcherds
Jayy;ban noob tubes too
Jayy;ban stuns
Jayy;barry snatch
Jayy;basically you're a dick
Jayy;beat my meat
Jayy;because i can
Jayy;because you hack
Jayy;because you're trash at it
Jayy;being really annoying if im bein honest
Jayy;ben never told me he was gay :/
Jayy;bezak put a fucking tent up there
Jayy;bj giver killed me :/
Jayy;blossom is daddy
Jayy;blow me
Jayy;bo eh you prick
Jayy;boom all over your face
Jayy;bought a new gaming mouse
Jayy;broadcast is better than this
Jayy;brofist likes fists in his nono place
Jayy;bruce fucker
Jayy;buckshot boner has joined
Jayy;build a tent
Jayy;bullhammer took my gun :/
Jayy;but i loved it
Jayy;but telling you i have herpes isnt tmi?
Jayy;but then i got herpes crabs and hep c so karma :/
Jayy;but what is a multi use key?
Jayy;but you didnt die also
Jayy;cake has herpes too
Jayy;cake has it too
Jayy;calling people names constantly telling them to get cancer etc
Jayy;call me slutty betty
Jayy;calvin you dick
Jayy;campers got me erect
Jayy;camp harder rozes you noob
Jayy;camping dick
Jayy;camping fuck
Jayy;camping fucker
Jayy;camping lil fucker
Jayy;camp in my bedroom daddt
Jayy;camp me harder
Jayy;camp more
Jayy;can i call you sailor daddy?
Jayy;can i repeatedly switch from the big gun to my main gun?
Jayy;can i switch my nades for ones that kill
Jayy;cant trust a guy named ronald
Jayy;can we ban motto
Jayy;can we kick carl
Jayy;can we kick tiesto
Jayy;can we kick tiesto for ranting too much
Jayy;can you go to the crossfire server theres a guy calling people names and being abusive to players
Jayy;can you shut the actual fuck up
Jayy;can you tell tiesto to shut the fuck up
Jayy;carls you're an idiot
Jayy;christmas with his aim help
Jayy;cid got saved
Jayy;cobra you're not an admin
Jayy;cock on the brain :/
Jayy;cod triggers my anger so bad
Jayy;confrontational af
Jayy;congrats want a cookie?
Jayy;crabs and herpes :/
Jayy;cum dumpster
Jayy;cum in my hummus!
Jayy;cuz obviously you suck
Jayy;cyonic looking through walls
Jayy;cyonic you filthy hacker
Jayy;daddy didnt warn meSad
Jayy;daddy gino
Jayy;daddy gino Sad
Jayy;daddy gino!
Jayy;daddy gives it to me in the mouth daily
Jayy;daddy gunner
Jayy;daddy gunner!
Jayy;daddy is my boyfriend
Jayy;daddy is threatening me with a good time
Jayy;daddy james
Jayy;daddy jim
Jayy;daddy likes it tho Sad
Jayy;daddy link
Jayy;daddy makes sure im full of cum
Jayy;daddy no Sad
Jayy;daddy no! Sad
Jayy;daddy prophet
Jayy;daddy raped me
Jayy;daddy ripper
Jayy;daddy rock Sad
Jayy;daddy said i was good too
Jayy;daddy says im a stunner
Jayy;daddy says im his big special boy Sad
Jayy;daddy says im not gay Sad
Jayy;daddy told me not to Sad
Jayy;daddy took that from me
Jayy;dadporn im gonna make wifeporn with your wife
Jayy;dad porn is a prick
Jayy;dadporn that name
Jayy;dad porn you can piss off
Jayy;damn blojob
Jayy;damn die
Jayy;damn gino
Jayy;damn igorscrub
Jayy;damnit assman
Jayy;damnit igorscrub
Jayy;damnit nimrod
Jayy;damnit ogsnake
Jayy;damnit people leave ammo in the guns you drop
Jayy;damnit prophet
Jayy;damnit redpuppy
Jayy;damnit sgt cock
Jayy;damnit trashcanman"
Jayy;damnit warcawk
Jayy;damn lmao
Jayy;damn prophet
Jayy;damn reload
Jayy;damn team mate got in my way
Jayy;damn warcawk
Jayy;damn you
Jayy;damn you die
Jayy;deck you in the mouth
Jayy;deepa next time you block me i swear to fuck
Jayy;deez nutz
Jayy;d i c k
Jayy;dick Sad
Jayy;dick fuck
Jayy;did i hit you?
Jayy;didnt do too bad with a sniper
Jayy;didnt even let me get my pistol
Jayy;didnt think id kill you
Jayy;die damnit
Jayy;die damn you
Jayy;die ffs
Jayy;die fucker
Jayy;die fuckface
Jayy;die god >.<
Jayy;die the first time
Jayy;die when hit
Jayy;die when shot 5 times
Jayy;die wtf
Jayy;die you
Jayy;die you
Jayy;die you fuck
Jayy;die you fucker
Jayy;die you fuckerface
Jayy;die you fuckhead
Jayy;die you prick
Jayy;die you pussy
Jayy;dirty liar
Jayy;discord sounds trashy
Jayy;doesnt die
Jayy;do i?
Jayy;do it daddy
Jayy;domain is a lying sack of shit
Jayy;dont be angry daddy jim
Jayy;dont bully me
Jayy;dont diss jug
Jayy;dont ever do that again
Jayy;dont ever yell again
Jayy;dont hide chat daddy Sad
Jayy;dont lie to him
Jayy;dont look at me
Jayy;dont run daddy
Jayy;dont run from me again slowbob
Jayy;dont sure me
Jayy;down there!
Jayy;dr fucker
Jayy;dumb jugger
Jayy;dumb shotgun
Jayy;duraznito you prick
Jayy;eat my kids
Jayy;either i have bad aim or people are unkillable
Jayy;either play or leave tiesto
Jayy;el cumbersnatch!
Jayy;el pene grande
Jayy;enemy helicocksucker sucking me
Jayy;enemy licked my nuts
Jayy;enemy player played with my nuts
Jayy;enemy std is airborne
Jayy;engel get the fuck away from the door
Jayy;engel move
Jayy;e r e c t
Jayy;erection hard hard
Jayy;erection hard hard very
Jayy;everywhere i go :/
Jayy;everywhere i go theres a weird little fuck on top of me
Jayy;ew this map
Jayy;f die
Jayy;few people are sick of him already
Jayy;figures im seen
Jayy;finally got you
Jayy;finally i dont have to get killed by blossom all the time
Jayy;first new cod game i got was this
Jayy;first time ive ever gotten a warning for that
Jayy;f is the fuck off button
Jayy;fixed it
Jayy;flew right into a pole
Jayy;fly that heli up your arse
Jayy;for 2 years
Jayy;forgot to plug in my head phone items
Jayy;for killing me
Jayy;friendly helicocksucker on the way
Jayy;fuck die
Jayy;fucked up my helicocksucker
Jayy;fuck him
Jayy;fucking bullshit
Jayy;fucking chopper
Jayy;fucking dicks
Jayy;fucking die
Jayy;fucking fuck
Jayy;fucking gino
Jayy;fucking helicocksucker
Jayy;fucking hell
Jayy;fucking jim
Jayy;fucking kazoo
Jayy;fucking killed my helicocksucker
Jayy;fucking loser
Jayy;fucking peckerhead
Jayy;fucking pickletits
Jayy;fucking prick
Jayy;fucking prophet
Jayy;fucking reload
Jayy;fucking right it is
Jayy;fucking shtorm
Jayy;fucking stun
Jayy;fucking team get out of my god damn way
Jayy;fucking team mates
Jayy;fucking thing
Jayy;fuck it ban him for 3 years
Jayy;fuckles the clown
Jayy;fuck me
Jayy;fuck me dady
Jayy;fuck merry christmas with the aim help is still here
Jayy;fuck me upside down
Jayy;fuck off
Jayy;fuck off bo eh
Jayy;fuck off bruce pee
Jayy;fuck off juan
Jayy;fuck sakes
Jayy;fuck sakes hyperion is here
Jayy;fuck shotgun now
Jayy;fuck sniper
Jayy;fucks to you
Jayy;fuck that
Jayy;fuck ur chopper
Jayy;fuck you
Jayy;full homo intended
Jayy;gaming mouse colors distracting mw
Jayy;garbage hacker
Jayy;gay midget
Jayy;get a better computer
Jayy;get away from me lol
Jayy;get away from the god damn door
Jayy;get back here
Jayy;get in front of mine instead
Jayy;get off me
Jayy;get off me
Jayy;get off my gun -.-
Jayy;get out of my way
Jayy;get out of my way tiesto
Jayy;get the fuck off me
Jayy;gettin better with the sniper
Jayy;g g
Jayy;gg daddy
Jayy;gg heligar
Jayy;gg igorscrub
Jayy;gg you sacks of shit
Jayy;gino grabbed my ass
Jayy;gino is daddy
Jayy;gino's an admin?
Jayy;gino touched my bum
Jayy;gino touched my bum Sad
Jayy;gino touched my butt
Jayy;gino touched my nuts
Jayy;give me butt touches i give you $1
Jayy;gives me an excuse to choke her
Jayy;glarf is an angry lil guy
Jayy;glarf is bitching - a nono
Jayy;glarf is old?
Jayy;glarf loves scu
Jayy;glarf quit complaining
Jayy;go away
Jayy;''god is watching you'' never took that serious til now
Jayy;go heli go!
Jayy;gonn accuse me now?
Jayy;good for it
Jayy;good job brofist
Jayy;good reflexes prophet
Jayy;got in my damn way
Jayy;got killed by momof theyear
Jayy;got me a better sniper
Jayy;got me some good ass pizza
Jayy;gotta go violently masturbate
Jayy;gotta pee be back in a bit
Jayy;guess not
Jayy;guilty conscience?
Jayy;hackers make the game good
Jayy;hacking is for people with small weiners
Jayy;had 1 more kill til chopper :/
Jayy;had to feed my doggo
Jayy;had to finish jackin off real quick
Jayy;had to fix my keywhore
Jayy;had to get popcorn
Jayy;haha gino
Jayy;hans while your down there give my nuts a lick
Jayy;Happy New Year
Jayy;hard hard
Jayy;has to blind me
Jayy;has to flash lmao
Jayy;has to nade
Jayy;has to stun
Jayy;has to stun me
Jayy;hate liserd more tho
Jayy;hate you
Jayy;havent bathed in 4 weeks
Jayy;hawk* fuck sorry
Jayy;headshot no death
Jayy;he can say all this but i get warned and kicked
Jayy;he cant shoot for shit
Jayy;he doesnt hack hes just good
Jayy;he doesnt know much
Jayy;he doesnt shut up
Jayy;he has a small tube
Jayy;he has a tiny richard
Jayy;helen i saved you
Jayy;helicocksucker shootin me through walls :/
Jayy;heligar is a dick
Jayy;he likes grass in his ass
Jayy;he likes guys on him
Jayy;he likes tubes
Jayy;helis can suck me
Jayy;heli shootin right through a wall
Jayy;hello again fuckerfaces
Jayy;he'll sit in spec just to preach
Jayy;he reps crips
Jayy;h e r p e s
Jayy;herpes i have
Jayy;hes annoying
Jayy;hes been at it for 30 minutes now
Jayy;hes been banned
Jayy;hes been bitching for 2 hours
Jayy;hes been bitching so long he doesnt remember his point
Jayy;hes been here for over an hour
Jayy;hes bullying me
Jayy;he scares everyone
Jayy;hes daddy
Jayy;hes following the rules...
Jayy;hes funny looking
Jayy;hes got a name changer
Jayy;hes got somethin
Jayy;hes hacking but hes trash at it
Jayy;hes just asking stop being so confrontational
Jayy;he smacked my bum
Jayy;hes my sister
Jayy;hes not a hacker he just has good eyes
Jayy;hes old he cant hold it anymore
Jayy;hes persistent
Jayy;hes ruining my game experience Sad
Jayy;hes trump
Jayy;he sucks
Jayy;he sucks at the game so he had to google a hack to think hes good
Jayy;he sucks though
Jayy;hes using no recoil
Jayy;hes using something for aim
Jayy;hey daddy
Jayy;hey pookybum
Jayy;hey prophet
Jayy;hey! you!
Jayy;hi daddy chief
Jayy;hi daddy gunner
Jayy;hi daddy prophet
Jayy;hi im new
Jayy;hi im new
Jayy;hi im new to this
Jayy;hi im new what do i do
Jayy;hi intah
Jayy;hippity hoppitus
Jayy;his name is ''kid motto''
Jayy;his pings too high he cant properly use it lmao
Jayy;hi there
Jayy;holy fuck 4 nades at me
Jayy;holy shit
Jayy;how can he bot when he sucks?
Jayy;how can you like this map
Jayy;how did i get 50 wtdf
Jayy;how did i get 51
Jayy;how did i get put on another team ffs
Jayy;how did i get this gun wtf
Jayy;how did i get top kills
Jayy;howd i miss
Jayy;how do i get down to get out...
Jayy;how rude
Jayy;how tf
Jayy;how tf can you see me like that
Jayy;how tf did i pick up a pistol
Jayy;how you aim at a wall and shoot me is beyond me
Jayy;hyperion likes men
Jayy;hyperion likes old men
Jayy;i already won
Jayy;i also have crabs
Jayy;i also have herpes
Jayy;i also took a nice poop just now
Jayy;i always assume and im usually right
Jayy;i always discard my undies before i play cod
Jayy;i always play hard
Jayy;i always play naked
Jayy;i always stick to my big gun Sad
Jayy;i am
Jayy;i am
Jayy;i am Sad
Jayy;i am not
Jayy;i am not liar
Jayy;i am the people
Jayy;i am your friend he says
Jayy;i are canadian
Jayy;i assumed my girlfriend had herpes
Jayy;i banged a wall once
Jayy;i beat...
Jayy;i beat my meat
Jayy;i bet cloak is hacking
Jayy;i blame daddy Sad
Jayy;i blinded my damn self
Jayy;i broke 2 tv's playing this game :/
Jayy;i can jack off violently eat a burger and play at the same time
Jayy;i cant afford better drugs :/
Jayy;i cant afford condoms so i use plastic bags
Jayy;i cant aim :'(
Jayy;i cant aim for shit
Jayy;i cant aim for shitty shit
Jayy;i cant even turn a fucking corner without getting shot
Jayy;i cant find anyone
Jayy;i cant help it
Jayy;i cant see shit
Jayy;i cant snipe for shit
Jayy;i cant snipe for shittity shit
Jayy;i cant use my chopper
Jayy;i cant use my chopper :/
Jayy;i caught it daddy
Jayy;i creamed my undies
Jayy;i cry
Jayy;i cum every week
Jayy;i cum in my own cheese
Jayy;i cunt see
Jayy;i demand butt stuff
Jayy;i did
Jayy;i did garbage once
Jayy;i did it all by myself
Jayy;i didnt break a rule Sad|
Jayy;i didnt know til someone told me lmao
Jayy;i discarded my undies earlier
Jayy;idk how i got 10-3
Jayy;idk how tf this happens
Jayy;idk how that happens in a building
Jayy;i do
Jayy;i do...
Jayy;i do have to tell everyone
Jayy;i dont bitch
Jayy;i dont die
Jayy;i dont even need a team
Jayy;i dont have any other names
Jayy;i dont have jug on this gun Sad
Jayy;i dont need a team
Jayy;i dont need team mates
Jayy;i dont need team mates :/
Jayy;i dont pay that much attention
Jayy;i dont wanna Sad
Jayy;i dont wanna ask you blossom
Jayy;i dont wanna assist
Jayy;i dont want assists
Jayy;i eat ass
Jayy;i even paid her for it
Jayy;i farted
Jayy;i farted"
Jayy;i feel like i creep people out saying that
Jayy;if i hit you 4 times die
Jayy;i forgive you though
Jayy;if people are caught hacking they should have a thing that deletes their system 32
Jayy;if the recoil on this gun wasnt so terrible
Jayy;i fucking hate this map
Jayy;i fucking win
Jayy;if you hack in this game you really should uninstall it
Jayy;if you have fun in this game you're probably gay
Jayy;if you have to hack in this game you should uninstall it
Jayy;if you kill me you catch herpes
Jayy;if you kill me you catch it
Jayy;if you kill me you have herpes too
Jayy;if you're easily offended yeah
Jayy;if you think i hack you suck and shouldnt play this game
Jayy;i give you....y
Jayy;igorscrub you're a dick
Jayy;i got...
Jayy;i got a curve to my unit now :/
Jayy;i got banned 4 times for hacking
Jayy;i got banned 4 times for hacking when i wasnt :/
Jayy;i got cock crabs and cock herpes
Jayy;i got crabs
Jayy;i got crabs and herpes
Jayy;i got herpes
Jayy;i got jug on my p90 :/
Jayy;i got killed by a dick
Jayy;i got lost for a sec
Jayy;i got my knife setting on my mouse now it feels weird
Jayy;i gotta play naked now
Jayy;i gotta take jug off this gun
Jayy;i gotta try that
Jayy;i got the helicocksucker
Jayy;i got the shits
Jayy;i got wet farts
Jayy;i had a hardon at work once
Jayy;i had buttsex with daddy
Jayy;i hate it
Jayy;i hate this merry christmas guy
Jayy;i hate you
Jayy;i hate you :/
Jayy;i have
Jayy;i have
Jayy;i have...
Jayy;i have....
Jayy;i have.....
Jayy;i have.....
Jayy;I HAVE....
Jayy;i have a foot fetish
Jayy;i have a hard on
Jayy;i have a hardon rn
Jayy;i have a mushroom
Jayy;i have a suit of armor on
Jayy;i have a wicked anal itch
Jayy;i have crabs
Jayy;i have c r a b s!
Jayy;i have crabs
Jayy;i have crabs!
Jayy;i have crabs and herpes
Jayy;i have crabs herpes AND hep c
Jayy;i have crabs too
Jayy;i have cravs
Jayy;i have erection
Jayy;i have fucking crabs
Jayy;i have hep c
Jayy;i have herpes
Jayy;i have h e r p e s
Jayy;i have herpes and crabs
Jayy;i have herpes crabs and hep c
Jayy;i have herpes craps and hep c
Jayy;i have jugg on my other gun :/
Jayy;i have nice jugs
Jayy;i have no clue what that is
Jayy;i have sweaty testicles
Jayy;i have the fuck off bot 1.4
Jayy;i have to pee online!
Jayy;i heard he was found in a bmw...
Jayy;i heard you blew my dad too
Jayy;i hit people 5 times ffs
Jayy;i hit someone and they run from me :/
Jayy;i hit you?!
Jayy;i hit you 4 times
Jayy;i hit you 5 times
Jayy;i hope so
Jayy;i identify as an attack helicopter
Jayy;i jack off while im playing
Jayy;i just complain
Jayy;i just got there
Jayy;i just have a bad sense of humor
Jayy;i just have bad jokes :/
Jayy;i just randomly shot and you died lmao
Jayy;i just started 2 days ago Sad
Jayy;i just started playing this yesterday
Jayy;i just started playing yesterday
Jayy;i just started this game yesterday Sad
Jayy;i just started yesterday
Jayy;i just started yesterday Sad
Jayy;i just started yesterday im scared Sad
Jayy;i just turned 22
Jayy;i killed daddy mike
Jayy;i killed the flu!
Jayy;i knifed you first wtf
Jayy;i know
Jayy;i know :/
Jayy;i know Sad
Jayy;i know so
Jayy;i like penis on sundays\w
Jayy;i like this gun more than my p90 hm
Jayy;i like this map
Jayy;i like this now
Jayy;i like to play this game naked
Jayy;i like to play with my dick in my hand
Jayy;i like to play with myself when i play this
Jayy;i like to play with myself while i play this
Jayy;i like to use lighter fluid
Jayy;i'll camp with a rocket
Jayy;i'll double tap you daddy
Jayy;i'll get very close to you daddy
Jayy;i'll give you a fat gun
Jayy;i'll give you a gun
Jayy;i'll give you a oom
Jayy;i'll give you a tubing
Jayy;i'll give you deep impact
Jayy;i'll give you the tuber abra
Jayy;i'll go be gay somewhere else then Sad
Jayy;i'll make you my bitch
Jayy;i'll pull your moms chest hairs
Jayy;i'll ride you daddy
Jayy;i'll spray you daddy
Jayy;i'll try
Jayy;i'll tube
Jayy;i look at my mom naked
Jayy;i love daddy prophet
Jayy;i love my shotgun
Jayy;i love my shotty
Jayy;i love scu
Jayy;i love you
Jayy;im 22 :/
Jayy;im 65
Jayy;im 69
Jayy;im a bit moist
Jayy;im actually almost 22 :/
Jayy;im a freak
Jayy;im a freak for daddy
Jayy;i make porn with daddy
Jayy;im already handicapped
Jayy;im always angry
Jayy;im always hard
Jayy;im always up
Jayy;im an 8 inch dick
Jayy;im an angel
Jayy;im angered
Jayy;im a rebel
Jayy;ima use shotgun too
Jayy;im a whore for daddy
Jayy;im back
Jayy;im bad with the sniper
Jayy;im beta cuck for daddy
Jayy;im bored
Jayy;im bored :/
Jayy;im bored bye
Jayy;im bored gonna go rub one out
Jayy;im bored gonna go violently masturbate
Jayy;im bored i'll be back later
Jayy;im bored im gonna go rub one out
Jayy;im bored im gonna go violently masturbate
Jayy;im curious lmao
Jayy;im daddies slut
Jayy;im doing whorey bull rn
Jayy;im erect
Jayy;im erect af rn
Jayy;im erection
Jayy;im fucking cold
Jayy;im gay on saturdays
Jayy;im gay on sundays
Jayy;im going off too
Jayy;im gonna buy you a tent
Jayy;im gonna go finish right now
Jayy;im gonna use my p90 with jug to piss you ofd
Jayy;im hard
Jayy;im homo for daddy
Jayy;i might go violently masturbate im bored already
Jayy;im in the wrong building
Jayy;i miss my mg
Jayy;im just bored here until its time to violently masturbate
Jayy;im just kidding i love you daddy
Jayy;im lesbian too
Jayy;im live on pornhub
Jayy;im married dont leave me alone
Jayy;im moist
Jayy;im multi gender
Jayy;im new
Jayy;im new Sad
Jayy;im new Sada
Jayy;im new hi
Jayy;im new i just started yesterday Sad
Jayy;im new this is scary Sad
Jayy;im new to this i started yesterday
Jayy;im not american
Jayy;im not americun
Jayy;im not bored anymore
Jayy;im not breaking rules
Jayy;im not hateful Sad
Jayy;im not lagging
Jayy;im offended
Jayy;im offended by that word
Jayy;im offended you used the f word
Jayy;im on gunners team :'(
Jayy;im only gay on sundays
Jayy;i moved once
Jayy;im pretty awesome
Jayy;im sad
Jayy;im scared
Jayy;im scared Sad
Jayy;im serious Sad
Jayy;im sick so
Jayy;im so good i dont even need a team
Jayy;im starving
Jayy;im steel
Jayy;im stiff
Jayy;im still getting used to the knife button being on my mouse
Jayy;im stuck in a building wtf
Jayy;im the best
Jayy;im the best player here
Jayy;im the juggerslut!!
Jayy;im the one that killed you
Jayy;im the solution
Jayy;im too good for my team
Jayy;im trash
Jayy;im using whatever key came with this game when i bought it from steam
Jayy;im violently masturbating and eating a burger rn
Jayy;im winning
Jayy;i need a bigger gun
Jayy;i needed to reload
Jayy;i need more sniper practice :/
Jayy;i need my juggerslut
Jayy;i need serious practice
Jayy;i need some lighter fluid for my crabs :/
Jayy;i need to
Jayy;i never aim
Jayy;i never get a break
Jayy;i never lie Sad
Jayy;i never wear pants when im playing cod
Jayy;i not noob
Jayy;i only like going Sad
Jayy;i only play this game while im masturbating violently
Jayy;i paid for this game sadly
Jayy;i peed a little
Jayy;i picked shitgun by accident
Jayy;i pimped my mom out
Jayy;i play one handed
Jayy;i put the knive setting to work on my gaming mouse and now its difficult to use -_-
Jayy;i read that name as pussy cactus
Jayy;i realized
Jayy;i really dont like you
Jayy;i really hate assists
Jayy;i request butt tickles!
Jayy;i request butt touches!
Jayy;i routinely touch myself
Jayy;i rushed in that room with the biggest hardon
Jayy;i said that in bed yesterday
Jayy;i saw red earlier
Jayy;i saw someone up there
Jayy;i scared my dog by accident and he bit me
Jayy;i screwed your father
Jayy;i shoot big jets
Jayy;i shoot someone with a whole round they dont fucking die
Jayy;i shouldnt of changed to this sniper
Jayy;i should snipe even tho i suck
Jayy;i should use my jugger gun...
Jayy;i shouldve never stopped playing for so long
Jayy;i sit butt ball naked
Jayy;i smoke pubic hairs
Jayy;isnt it
Jayy;i spit on a squirel once
Jayy;i spit on my screen by mistake Sad
Jayy;issa bot
Jayy;i started 2 days ago im scared Sad
Jayy;i started on black ops ps3
Jayy;i started this game 2 days ago
Jayy;i started this yesterday im scared Sad
Jayy;i started yesterday
Jayy;i started yesterday Sad
Jayy;i started yesterday and i played here 1200 times
Jayy;i started yesterday im scared Sad
Jayy;i still hate you
Jayy; i suck
Jayy;i suck on sundays
Jayy;i suck with a sniper
Jayy;it are okay prophet
Jayy;itchy itchy bad bad
Jayy;it didnt
Jayy;it gives a crotchy taste
Jayy;i think domains following walls i could be wrong though
Jayy;i think everyone thats better than me cheats
Jayy;i think hakopman is cheating
Jayy;i think id have a better score if i hacked
Jayy;i think im too angered to play this game
Jayy;i think i need to start rubbing one out before i play
Jayy;i think ronald is wallhacking
Jayy;i think youre hacking
Jayy;i thought that guys name said pickle dick for a second
Jayy;i thought this server emptied at this time
Jayy;i thought this was pinball Sad im scared
Jayy;i thought this was solitaire Sad
Jayy;i throw my children instead
Jayy;it hurt :/
Jayy;it is funny tbh
Jayy;it looks funny af
Jayy;it means kill yourself bot
Jayy;it means suck it
Jayy;i tried solitaire :/
Jayy;it said disconnected
Jayy;its a legal requirement that i tell people
Jayy;its a legal requirement to tell people
Jayy;its also my birthday
Jayy;its a win
Jayy;it says i used a diff name?
Jayy;its been 40 minutes now
Jayy;its called aggressive play strategies
Jayy;its called bad humor
Jayy;its either this or beating my meat
Jayy;its legally binded
Jayy;its my birthday today :/
Jayy;its my birthday tomorrow on a fucking monday
Jayy;its not gay if you say no homo
Jayy;its nothin to worry about gooch
Jayy;its obvious i dont hack
Jayy;its okay
Jayy;its okay daddy
Jayy;its okay im hidden
Jayy;its the corner his mom was good at working
Jayy;its too much work
Jayy;its wednesday?
Jayy;its whorey bull
Jayy;it was my first time
Jayy;i understand a couple words
Jayy;i usually get 30 kills Sad
Jayy;ive already smoked almost 2 packs
Jayy;ive also got crabs :|(
Jayy;ive also got herpes crabs and hep c
Jayy;ive also gotten herpes and crabs 3 times
Jayy;ive always used jayy :/
Jayy;ive always used this name lmao
Jayy;ive been awake for 2 nights straight :/
Jayy;ive got cock crustations
Jayy;ive got crabby crabs
Jayy;ive got crabs
Jayy;ive got crabs herpes and hep c
Jayy;ive got herpes
Jayy;ive gotten crabs
Jayy;ive gotten crabs!
Jayy;ive gotten crabs herpes and hep c
Jayy;ive gotten herpes
Jayy;ive gotten herpes and crabs
Jayy;ive gotten herpes and crabs 3 times
Jayy;ive gotten herpes crabs and hep c
Jayy;ive gotten the herpes
Jayy;ive got the shits
Jayy;ive never been banned
Jayy;ive never changed my name
Jayy;ive never used another name
Jayy;i violently am masturbating
Jayy;i wanna use my helicocksucker ffs
Jayy;i want a refund
Jayy;i wanted to kill you
Jayy;i wanted to reset my score anyway :/
Jayy;i want liquor and whores
Jayy; i want what hes on
Jayy;i warned you
Jayy;i was first to 10 kills :')
Jayy;i was just curious
Jayy;i was looking at my phone!
Jayy;i was only kidding tbh
Jayy;i was stunned :/
Jayy;i was...uh
Jayy;i will always be a jugger slut
Jayy;i will daddy
Jayy;i win
Jayy;i wish i was cool Sad
Jayy;i wish my team would get the hell away from me
Jayy;i wish my team would stay away from me
Jayy;i wish people would get off me
Jayy;i won again now im bored bye
Jayy;jack me off with a bottle of hot sauce
Jayy;jajaja shut the hell up
Jayy;jesus christ
Jayy;jk im 22
Jayy;jolly good fuck
Jayy;jolly good fun m8
Jayy;juan stick that rocket up ur arse
Jayy;juan you prick
Jayy;juggerslut to the rescue!
Jayy;jump on my head
Jayy;jumpy fucker
Jayy;just ban him
Jayy;just go to all maps and get an admin
Jayy;justin with the bullshit
Jayy;just kick him please
Jayy;just kidding
Jayy;just kidding fuck off
Jayy;just kidding i love you <1
Jayy;just kidding i love you wickedwitch
Jayy;just kidding i play naked
Jayy;just on saturdays tho
Jayy;just play who cares
Jayy;just post your version and make him look dumb
Jayy;just started yesterday Sad
Jayy;just turned yesterday
Jayy;just you
Jayy;kaboom in my undies
Jayy;keep doing irt
Jayy;keep doing it
Jayy;kermitt the frog
Jayy;kick brofist too
Jayy;kid motto left
Jayy;killed by a dick again
Jayy;killed me 3 times in the same spot noob
Jayy;killerkitkat stared at my ass
Jayy;kill my chopper
Jayy;kiss me instead of killing me daddy gino
Jayy;kitkat makin me want kit kat bars
Jayy;knew he was hacking
Jayy;lagger fuck
Jayy;laggy prick
Jayy;lame fuck
Jayy;last time someone tricked me i ended up naked in a park
Jayy;least i got a chopper
Jayy;least i got helicocksucker
Jayy;least i got the chopper
Jayy;let me put my balls on your forehead
Jayy;let me run
Jayy;let me spawn???
Jayy;let me spawn pls
Jayy;let me wipe my ass with you
Jayy;lets try shotgun
Jayy;lets turn the pig into bacon
Jayy;level 69
Jayy;lick my sweaty nuts
Jayy;like that guy
Jayy;like you are for aids
Jayy;link spank me daddy
Jayy;literally turned the corner and shot right at me
Jayy;lmao damn you
Jayy;lmao wow
Jayy;lol vic
Jayy;look in my undies
Jayy;looks a little weird
Jayy;love in my hole
Jayy;love is in my hole
Jayy;love you too daddy
Jayy;lucky fuck
Jayy;lucky fucker
Jayy;lucky i got stunned
Jayy;lucky prick
Jayy;lucky there was 4 of you
Jayy;lucky you blinded me
Jayy;Make America Stream Again
Jayy;makes it easy af to knife if its set to the side buttons
Jayy;makes sense
Jayy;malo you're a dick
Jayy;map is whorey bull
Jayy;marty cant party
Jayy;maui is hacking
Jayy;maui the hacker
Jayy;meant a question mark with that
Jayy;meet my ballz
Jayy;me neither
Jayy;merry christmas has something to help his aim
Jayy;merry christmas is a nut tickler
Jayy;merry christmas is using something to help his aim
Jayy;merry christmas with his aim help
Jayy;merry fuck off
Jayy;merry fuckoffmas
Jayy;meth not math
Jayy;me too
Jayy;me too
Jayy;metro got herpes
Jayy;metros too good :/
Jayy;metro you're a dick
Jayy;mike the dike
Jayy;mission failed
Jayy;mjr assman -.-
Jayy;mm daddy
Jayy;mmm bacon
Jayy;mmm daddy
Jayy;mmm daddy
Jayy;mmm steak
Jayy;moltar likes men dont judge him
Jayy;mostly daddy tho
Jayy;multiple times
Jayy;murakamis here bye
Jayy;murky likes buttstuff
Jayy;murky prick
Jayy;mushroom=ban evading
Jayy;mushroom has some good aim
Jayy;mushroom its funny the way you peak around the corners
Jayy;must be
Jayy;must be old age
Jayy;my 10 kill streak Sad
Jayy;my aim is horrible
Jayy;my ass is sweating
Jayy;my ass itches
Jayy;my balls are itchy
Jayy;my balls are tingling
Jayy;my balls itch
Jayy;my balls twitched
Jayy;my balls your chin
Jayy;my cocks hard
Jayy;my connection gave it to me in my hole
Jayy;my crabs itch
Jayy;my ex said that then i got crabs herpes and hep c
Jayy;my first death Sad
Jayy;my fish speaks english
Jayy;my gaming mouse dpi settings keep changing
Jayy;my heli needs to kill
Jayy;my herpes itches
Jayy;my kill
Jayy;my life matters
Jayy;my meat
Jayy;my mom blows good
Jayy;my mom loves my tube
Jayy;my mouse changing colors distractin me and shit
Jayy;my mouse keeps changin colors its distracting :'(
Jayy;my mouse keeps fucking me stupid gaming mouse
Jayy;my mouse lights up so i dont have to reach for v in the dark
Jayy;my nuts itch
Jayy;my peepee hard
Jayy;my rectum itches
Jayy;my sack itches
Jayy;my score with sniper is whorey bull Sad
Jayy;my sense of humor isnt wanted Sad
Jayy;my snipers broken
Jayy;my snipers failing me
Jayy;my team doesnt kill heli
Jayy;my team mates need to get tf away from me
Jayy;my team mates need to stay away from me
Jayy;my team needs to get away from me
Jayy;my team needs to get out of my way
Jayy;my team needs to get tf away from me
Jayy;my team needs to stay away from me
Jayy;my team sucks why would i wanna assist them
Jayy;my undies are moist
Jayy;my what?
Jayy;my whore team keeps getting in my way
Jayy;nade wasnt even near me
Jayy;nadorix you suck
Jayy;nah i dont
Jayy;nah im just kidding im 22
Jayy;need reinfuckments
Jayy;neil while you're on the ground gimme a lil mouth hug
Jayy;neither am i
Jayy;never ballsack
Jayy;never pee on a homeless man either
Jayy;never piss off a donkey!
Jayy;never tmi
Jayy;next map pornhub
Jayy;next person to kill me likes men
Jayy;next time i'll put 2 fists into him
Jayy;nice aim...
Jayy;nice nade
Jayy;nice nade fucker
Jayy;nice score bo eh
Jayy;nice shot
Jayy;nice spin
Jayy;nice walling
Jayy;no after you pull it out of ur mums
Jayy;no binds allowed
Jayy;nobody dies when hit
Jayy;no daddy Sad
Jayy;no do it
Jayy;no dont hack
Jayy;no duh
Jayy;no entry
Jayy;no fair Sad
Jayy;no gino
Jayy;no go away"
Jayy;no gracias
Jayy;no help for the helpless
Jayy;no kidding
Jayy;no leave
Jayy;no me
Jayy;no more reaching for v
Jayy;no more shotty
Jayy;no my dad
Jayy;none of the other admins cared :/
Jayy;noob missed
Jayy;noob nade launchers
Jayy;no one fucking dies
Jayy;nope i build good computers
Jayy;nope i lost it in your mother
Jayy;nope you need a demo
Jayy;no reason
Jayy;no sir
Jayy;not a good gae
Jayy;not a good game
Jayy;not at all
Jayy;not better
Jayy;not doin a good job rescuing
Jayy;not for you
Jayy;not tonight hunny
Jayy;no way
Jayy;now i have it :/
Jayy;no you
Jayy;no you didnt
Jayy;no you dont
Jayy;no you wont
Jayy;obviously the guys a tool
Jayy;of all places
Jayy;of all places...
Jayy;of coruse
Jayy;of course
Jayy;of course he is
Jayy;of course he sees me
Jayy;of course hyperion kills me
Jayy;of course its this guy
Jayy;of course this guy
Jayy;of course you're there
Jayy;off my gun
Jayy;og cobra likes manly cobras
Jayy;og didnt accuse me
Jayy;oh bite me
Jayy;oh fuck off
Jayy;oh fuck off
Jayy;oh god
Jayy;oh great merry christmas is still here
Jayy;oh great pickle dick is here
Jayy;oh great prophets here
Jayy;oh here he goes again
Jayy;oh hi lmao
Jayy;oh him no
Jayy;oh hi there
Jayy;oh i got a tent
Jayy;oh jeez
Jayy;oh lord
Jayy;oh no its ginobli
Jayy;oh piss off
Jayy;oh piss off blue
Jayy;oh this map sucks
Jayy;oh you will
Jayy;okay daddy
Jayy;okay daddy
Jayy;one upstairs above that ladder
Jayy;only a lil
Jayy;only from daddy
Jayy;only on saturdays
Jayy;only on sundays
Jayy;on tuesdays
Jayy;on vibrate
Jayy;on you 4 times
Jayy;ooh a 10 kill streak
Jayy;oops wrong server
Jayy;or a cockie?
Jayy;or daddy gave it to me Sad
Jayy;or is that not allowed
Jayy;or that
Jayy;our prime minister sucks
Jayy;overgrown pubes
Jayy;ozuna you lagger
Jayy;peel my clothes off
Jayy;pene es grande senhor
Jayy;pene grande
Jayy;people dont die when i hit them 5 times
Jayy;people get offended :/
Jayy;people in this game have morals?
Jayy;people need tents
Jayy;people with snipers have tiny dicks
Jayy;pete has no skills
Jayy;phoenix likes men
Jayy;pick that up
Jayy;ping dong im a ding dong
Jayy;piss off
Jayy;piss off
Jayy;piss off turkey
Jayy;pizzalover aimbotting
Jayy;pizza slut
Jayy;planting my ass on your mouth!
Jayy;play daddy
Jayy;play solitaire then
Jayy;please do
Jayy;pls kick for abuse Sad
Jayy;plus im bored so bye
Jayy;prick dick
Jayy;pro knifer now
Jayy;prophet doesnt hack
Jayy;prophet doesnt hack you cock gobbler
Jayy;prophet i hit you
Jayy;pumpkin quit being a dick you prick
Jayy;punch me right in the cock
Jayy;punch you in the teeth through the screen
Jayy;put a tent there
Jayy;-quickly closes game-
Jayy;ram that knife up ur arese big dawg
Jayy;ram that nade launcher up ur as
Jayy;ram that shotgun up ur arse
Jayy;ran out of ammo
Jayy;rape is illegal in all 3 states
Jayy;rat you dick
Jayy;razer something
Jayy;reborn is a terrible wallhacker
Jayy;record me
Jayy;red is my fav color
Jayy;reload damnit
Jayy;reload fucked me
Jayy;reload gave me herpes
Jayy;reload luck
Jayy;reload you prick
Jayy;remember that
Jayy;rems hacking
Jayy;revenge my buttcheeks
Jayy;right in the mouth
Jayy;right there
Jayy;right through 2 walls
Jayy;right through a wall...
Jayy;ripper loves me
Jayy;rock* shit
Jayy;rock* sorry
Jayy;rodd likes the rodd
Jayy;round and a half shooting him in the head
Jayy;run superbad run
Jayy;said every man in the world
Jayy;same shit
Jayy;saved you gem
Jayy;scared tf out of me
Jayy;scared the shit out of me
Jayy;screw it im hiding
Jayy;screw off
Jayy;screw you
Jayy;server dead :/
Jayy;set my knife setting to work on my mouse
Jayy;sgt cock Sad
Jayy;sgt cock always around
Jayy;she or he is just streaming on twitch lmao
Jayy;she or he isnt advertising...
Jayy;shes good at it too
Jayy;shes lesbian she hates men
Jayy;she was dirty Sad
Jayy;shit hyperions here
Jayy;shoot on your upper lip
Jayy;shot me right through a wall
Jayy;shot you in the ass
Jayy;show me daddy
Jayy;shut up
Jayy;shut up[
Jayy;shut up letooth
Jayy;shut up or i'll cockslap you in the teeth
Jayy;si grande pene
Jayy;si pene grande
Jayy;si pene mucho grande
Jayy;si si
Jayy;six likes men
Jayy;skunkworks was in the crossfire server
Jayy;slick skys move
Jayy;slowbob knows how to hide
Jayy;smells like onions
Jayy;smells like swamp ass
Jayy;sniper time!
Jayy;so are you
Jayy;so does my mom
Jayy;so if you're good you cant play here?
Jayy;so is this solitaire?
Jayy;so is yours
Jayy;someone gave me ww2
Jayy;someone gave me ww2 played it once and never again
Jayy;someone lagged away from me ...
Jayy;someone should check all maps for an admin
Jayy;someone that found a hack online and thinks hes good
Jayy;someone told me 5 months 2 weeks and 56.4 seconds ago that i had nice private parts
Jayy;sometimes i like to ram my finger up my arse
Jayy;so much spectators
Jayy;so much yelling
Jayy;son of a whore
Jayy;so now i have crabs and herpes :/
Jayy;soon as i turn a corner
Jayy;sorry Sad
Jayy;sorry for spawn
Jayy;sorry for type kill
Jayy;sorry horse
Jayy;sorry i had to knife you metro
Jayy;sorry lol
Jayy;sorry rock lol
Jayy;so suck my nuts
Jayy;sounds confusing
Jayy;sounds like some kind of disease
Jayy;sounds like the name of a porno
Jayy;so you automatically know where to shoot?
Jayy;spank me daddy
Jayy;spank me daddy link
Jayy;spawn in daddy
Jayy;spawn killed 3 times in a row
Jayy;specifically man tubes
Jayy;spectators=ban forever
Jayy;spectators make me nervous
Jayy;stay out
Jayy;stay tf away from me team
Jayy;stay tf away from me team mates
Jayy;stick that nade launcher up ur ass
Jayy;sticky nudes
Jayy;still getting used to this gaming mouse
Jayy;stop bitching
Jayy;stop bullying me
Jayy;stop bullying me Sad
Jayy;stop moving partial
Jayy;stupid assists
Jayy;stupid connection
Jayy;stupid helicocksucker"
Jayy;stupid helicocksuckers
Jayy;stupid marty
Jayy;stupid priest tits
Jayy;stupid stuns
Jayy;suck it
Jayy;suck it beef curtains
Jayy;suck it jim lol
Jayy;suck me daddy
Jayy;sucky sucky one time
Jayy;superbad nadorix is hacking
Jayy;surprised tf out of me
Jayy;swiggity swooty you're giving me your booty
Jayy;take all the prisoners!
Jayy;take that -.-
Jayy;take your sniper and ram it up ur arse
Jayy;taking fire i dont need help!
Jayy;tango eat my ass
Jayy;target gave me crabs!
Jayy;team deathsnatch
Jayy;team death snatch!
Jayy;team deathsnatch!
Jayy;team my death snatch!
Jayy;technically you're retarded
Jayy;temur nice hack
Jayy;terribly sorry likes older men
Jayy;thanks for taking the easy kill moltar you dick
Jayy;thanks i know
Jayy;thanks team mate
Jayy;thanks whoever saved me
Jayy;thank you
Jayy;that fucking helicocksucker is hacking -.-
Jayy;that is nice
Jayy;that means letooth hacks
Jayy;thats called a fail
Jayy;thats good
Jayy;thats not abuse
Jayy;thats not the only thing kill is pulling
Jayy;thats offensive
Jayy;thats what all hackers say
Jayy;thats what my cousin said :/
Jayy;thats what my mom said
Jayy;thats what your mom said too
Jayy;thats why i say it
Jayy;that was bad
Jayy;that wasnt crude wtf
Jayy;that was payback
Jayy;that was pure luck
Jayy;the admins are all in the other server
Jayy;the bullshit is real with that guy
Jayy;the bullshit is real with this guy
Jayy;the bullshits real
Jayy;the enemy gave my balls a tickle
Jayy;the guid is a lie
Jayy;the hacker calling someone else a hacker
Jayy;the hacker on our team sucks
Jayy;the hacker wants to sleep when an admin comes in
Jayy;the message when you first enter
Jayy;then get him quit tellin people what to do
Jayy;then have a thing that blocks the game from ever working on their computer
Jayy;then shut up
Jayy;then they realized im clean
Jayy;the people are trash
Jayy;the people suck
Jayy;the recoil on this gun jesus christ
Jayy;theres a hacker here
Jayy;theres an admin here dummy
Jayy;theres a name change bot in here lmao
Jayy;theres a queer drinking my beer
Jayy;theres like 4 in there
Jayy;these dicks
Jayy;these headphones im gonna fucking throw them
Jayy;these snipers
Jayy;the snipers recoil man
Jayy;they all go there
Jayy;they call me captain juggerslut
Jayy;they call me captain small cock
Jayy;they call me herpes man
Jayy;they call me juggerslut
Jayy;they call me rottencrotch
Jayy;they call me the juggerslut
Jayy;they call me the jugger slut
Jayy;they cant read the server name...
Jayy;they check the demo and realize i suck lmao
Jayy;they'll make it 501
Jayy;they think im too young Sad
Jayy;they used to call me the juggerslut
Jayy;this game brings my anger out
Jayy;this game brings out my anger
Jayy;this game gives me bad anger
Jayy;this game isnt fun
Jayy;this game is retarded
Jayy;this game makes my nuts itch
Jayy;this gaming mouse -.-
Jayy;this gaming mouse is weird af
Jayy;this gaming mouse man fuck sakes
Jayy;this idiot been bitching for 2 hours
Jayy;this is a big peen and tight bum
Jayy;this is just crossfire...
Jayy;this is retarded :/
Jayy;this is stupid af
Jayy;this is the only server without a bunch of bullshit mods
Jayy;this map can blow me
Jayy;this map is garbage
Jayy;this map made me soft Sad
Jayy;this map still isnt done
Jayy;this map sucks homeless cock
Jayy;this map sucks me
Jayy;this map sucks more than my mom on sundays
Jayy;this map sucks more than the crabs on my genitals
Jayy;this mouse and the dpi button keep fucking me over
Jayy;this new gaming mouse makes me more trash
Jayy;this new mouse dpi button is terrible
Jayy;this recoil
Jayy;this reload can suck me
Jayy;this server encourages butt touching
Jayy;this shotgun -_-
Jayy;this shotgun is aweosme
Jayy;this sideswipe dick
Jayy;thought i died
Jayy;thought i had time to reload
Jayy;thought you'd kill me
Jayy;through the smoke?
Jayy;throws a nade at me :/
Jayy;throw that package at someone else
Jayy;tickle me
Jayy;tickle me god
Jayy;tickle my balls and call me sally
Jayy;tickle my herpes
Jayy;tickle my hole
Jayy;tiesto please for once shut up
Jayy;tiestos been going on and on about useless shit for 30 minutes
Jayy;tiesto shut the hell up jesus christ
Jayy;tiesto shut up
Jayy;tiesto shut up jesus christ
Jayy;tiesto unbind the keys for you to type
Jayy;time to jug
Jayy;time to snipe even tho i suck at it
Jayy;time to use juggernut
Jayy;tiny dick
Jayy;tiny you dick
Jayy;tired* oops
Jayy;tittie shots
Jayy;tony you dick
Jayy;too many fake commands it bans you
Jayy;too many noobs im bored
Jayy;tossing cock!
Jayy;tossing my moms panties!
Jayy;tossing penis!
Jayy;tree is wallhacking
Jayy;tree still wallhacking
Jayy;tree the hacker is back
Jayy;tree you hacking sack of shit
Jayy;tree you sad wallhacker
Jayy;tryna cough ffs
Jayy;tryna eat my pizza
Jayy;turds are yummy
Jayy;turning 22 tomorrow
Jayy;turning 70 soona
Jayy;turn it off you sack of shit
Jayy;typo :/
Jayy;uhm how did you aim at a wall and shoot automatically without even seeing someone...
Jayy;uhm okay?
Jayy;uh oh
Jayy;uncle jimmy is in prison Sad
Jayy;uninstall it
Jayy;unlimited ammo is dumb
Jayy;-unzips pants- okay
Jayy;up there
Jayy;up there!
Jayy;up there team mate
Jayy;up ur bum mate
Jayy;using aim help and im the bad one?
Jayy;very bad
Jayy;very erect
Jayy;very much so
Jayy;very really
Jayy;violent masturbation is good
Jayy;viva my ballsack
Jayy;wait nade launcher is unlimited
Jayy;wanna be daddy
Jayy;wanna buy it
Jayy;want a cockey?
Jayy;want some chill? get ice
Jayy;warcawk Sad
Jayy;warhawk -.-t
Jayy;was it
Jayy;was it good?
Jayy;wasnt a compliment
Jayy;was trying to knife but kept reloading
Jayy;was trying to make it up the stairs quick
Jayy;was trying to smoke my cigarette
Jayy;watch my back side
Jayy;watch your fucking mouth
Jayy;way to follow the wall
Jayy;we can always be new
Jayy;weird af
Jayy;welcome daddy
Jayy;well done weiners
Jayy;well get a box of tissues and hush it
Jayy;well im already bored bye
Jayy;we'll see nadorix queer
Jayy;well thats interesting
Jayy;well then shut your whore mouth
Jayy;well they shouldnt be watchin me
Jayy;we lose
Jayy;we need an admin
Jayy;we're all a little gay here
Jayy;we're playing team death snatch!
Jayy;w e t
Jayy;what an idiot
Jayy;what a waste of a run
Jayy;what does fov do...
Jayy;what do you get when you mix shit and a storm
Jayy;whatever then
Jayy;whatever you look at is wrong af
Jayy;what game is this i just started yesterday
Jayy;what happened to him
Jayy;what howd i miss
Jayy;what other names does it say i used?
Jayy;whats her face ruined it
Jayy;what she said
Jayy;whats next map?
Jayy;whats that supposed to mean -.-d
Jayy;what the hell
Jayy;when ff tells you hes clean that'll be funny
Jayy;when i was 17 i had sex with my mom
Jayy;when people dont die i wanna reach through the screen and punch them
Jayy;when you bend over for daddy
Jayy;when you peek around the corners its like ''hi i see you there''
Jayy;where did mushroom go Sad
Jayy;while youre down there lick my nuts
Jayy;while you're laying down there give my nuts a scratch
Jayy;whoever grenade launched me is a dick
Jayy;who is what
Jayy;whos a whore
Jayy;why dont you do it daddy
Jayy;why so worried?
Jayy;why tf would you put that there
Jayy;why would you change it
Jayy;wicked witch is
Jayy;wish my team would stay away from me
Jayy;with a shotgun
Jayy;without me moving
Jayy;woah ambush
Jayy;woah hi
Jayy;woah i never said that
Jayy;woah that aint me then
Jayy;woah the heli ran right into me
Jayy;woah there
Jayy;wolve stop running
Jayy;wolve you hacker
Jayy;women are punching bags
Jayy;wow -
Jayy;wow assholes killed my chopper
Jayy;wow camper
Jayy;wow die
Jayy;wow fucker
Jayy;wow fuck off
Jayy;wow glarf
Jayy;wow i feel better
Jayy;wow i got top kills
Jayy;wow i missed
Jayy;wow i played 928 times
Jayy;wow last stand noob
Jayy;wow my connection fucked me
Jayy;wow my score
Jayy;wow my score Sad
Jayy;wow okay
Jayy;wow piss off
Jayy;wow prick
Jayy;wow right after my 10 kill streak
Jayy;wow rodd
Jayy;wow sure
Jayy;wow trinit
Jayy;wtf asshole
Jayy;wtf did i do
Jayy;wtf die
Jayy;wtf die when hit 4 times
Jayy;wtf dumb heli
Jayy;wtf hes hacking?
Jayy;wtf i got kicked o_O
Jayy;wtf i had you
Jayy;wtf i played in here almost 1000 times
Jayy;wtf is a cadena
Jayy;wtf is discord
Jayy;wtf is he on about
Jayy;wtf lucky ass
Jayy;wtf my aim is so off
Jayy;wtf you dont die
Jayy;ww2 can suck ity
Jayy;ww2 sucks
Jayy;xpert how'd you miss
Jayy;xtreme is an xtreme prick
Jayy;yay got a helicocksucker
Jayy;yay i wont get killed by bo eh anymore
Jayy;yeah bye fuck this
Jayy;yeah fucking right
Jayy;yeah he was banned for 6 years and 5 days
Jayy;yeah kick priest
Jayy;yeah leave the game
Jayy;yeah right
Jayy;yeah right dadporn
Jayy;yeah thanks for coming in
Jayy;yes :/
Jayy;yes Sad
Jayy;yes daddy
Jayy;yes dick
Jayy;yes i do
Jayy;yes it does
Jayy;yes mama :o
Jayy;yes sir
Jayy;yes sir!
Jayy;yes there is you idiot
Jayy;yes you are
Jayy;you all care
Jayy;you and everything you lovr
Jayy;you are
Jayy;you bend over
Jayy;you better be
Jayy;you bitter fuck
Jayy;you camper
Jayy;you can bounce on dis
Jayy;you care
Jayy;you cock inhalr
Jayy;you cocksucker
Jayy;you dick
Jayy;you did
Jayy;you dont die??
Jayy;you first daddy
Jayy;you fuck
Jayy;you fucke
Jayy;you fucker
Jayy;you fucking dick
Jayy;you fucking queer
Jayy;you fucking suck
Jayy;you gay kazoo
Jayy;you get herpes if you kill m
Jayy;you have
Jayy;you have no choice
Jayy;you have no say
Jayy;you have to hack in this game because you suck without it
Jayy;you hit the boom button
Jayy;you hoe
Jayy;you killed me
Jayy;you lagged away from me
Jayy;you little
Jayy;you make it so obvious
Jayy;you mean
Jayy;you need cocksucking classes
Jayy;you peckerhead
Jayy;you prick
Jayy;your bullshit is showing
Jayy;your dad
Jayy;your dad is gay
Jayy;you're a dick
Jayy;youre a dick
Jayy;youre a dick whoever fucked my helicocksucker
Jayy;you're almost good
Jayy;youre a noob
Jayy;you're a waller
Jayy;you're bad Sad
Jayy;you're beautiful
Jayy;you're fat
Jayy;you're mean
Jayy;you're mean Sad
Jayy;you're right
Jayy;youre right
Jayy;you're ruining my game experience Sad
Jayy;youre ugly
Jayy;you're welcome
Jayy;youre welcome <3
Jayy;youre welcomw
Jayy;your father had me against the wall
Jayy;your helicopter can suck me
Jayy;your mom does
Jayy;your mother
Jayy;your sister
Jayy;your sister>your mom
Jayy;you shotguns suck :/w
Jayy;you should be daddy Sad
Jayy;you smell deez nutz
Jayy;you suck
Jayy;you suck get out
Jayy;you suck shut up
Jayy;you suck too
Jayy;you suck too much to hack
Jayy;you threw a nade at my face
Jayy;you too
Jayy;you too daddy
Jayy;you tube -_
Jayy;youtube is the worst
Jayy;youve been gone too long daddy
Jayy;you weenie
Jayy;you were here earlier you idiot
Jayy;you will
Jayy;zaitsev you prick
(11-16-2018, 06:11 PM)Jayy. Wrote: oh... im not allowed to say ''im bored bye'' and jokingly say ''im new im scared''??? sorry i just have a bad sense of humor and a bad habit of typing random stuff?? i'll cut it out though?? i understand the ban yesterday?? sorry if i offended anyone in the servers with my bad humor/
We have some humor here, i lmao when i read your comment, and then
the list here above?? Dodgy????
If you was my Son, i Spank??you. Go wash your mouth.
Old Friend ! Angel
Wow, Yet Another poster child for birth control.?? The "Self-Entitled" just keep on showing up here.?? Aren't we lucky.
Damn, that's uhhhh... some pretty poopy language there.
My foot would get tired and probably sore. Even with steel toe.
I think we should add a character limit to the posts.......
Aw come on, that is funny, no matter who you are.
you know i can scroll wheel so much before my middle finger gets sore
[Image: LinkSignature01.png]
In all seriousness this guy/girl would make an excellent CEO or upper level management. I have seen it happen. FYI.
(12-01-2018, 10:45 PM)Mark Wrote: In all seriousness this guy/girl would make an excellent CEO or upper level management. I have seen it happen. FYI.

?? ??LOL!!?? I'm sorry to hear that Mark.?? You shouldn't have been exposed to this kind of language.

???? It would be funny here, if it weren't so prevalent, and taken so nonchalantly by so many.?? So goes their life too, I guess.

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