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Decided to register here 8 years later...
G'day all,

I'm Andre, 30 y/o, I live in Brazil, and work with IT.

Every now and then,??well since 2010 (I still have??screen captures from that year)??I play occasionally??on FatalForces servers,??though as I was moving to my mid twenties CoD4 was left aside as I??played Black Ops 2 and other games, but never forgot CoD4 no matter how old was??the??game. I literally treasure my retail copy bought in 2008!

From 2009 until 2011 I used to be very dedicated to CoD4 communities like this one,??though??eventually university and my job took all my time away until fall 2013.

It's nice (and really amazed)??to see this organization being the only one who kept servers??active for this entire decade.

And being reminded??I'm not a teenager anymore lol.

Playing CoD4 brings mixed feelings, of??being both relaxing and stressful:

  • Relaxing as I played this game for so long that I don't care anymore if I play well or not, as long as my trusty silver Deagle is effective in-game.
  • Stressful as the chaotic nature of TDM I don't manage to keep alive for long enough. I tend to jump into action despite knowing that nade spam is the norm.

I can't play games that much due to time constraints, but I'll try my best to keep around this community.
welcome to the forums and servers, GGs as always, have fun hope to see you in there
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