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Hi, Hiya, Howdy, Hey, and Hello!
My real name is Price and??I've been in and out of the FF community since 2014 and have recently started playing again after quite a long hiatus! I figured that I'm a little overdue for an introduction post.?? Tongue??I'm 18 years old and have been playing Call of Duty since I was 9 years old. My first COD game was MW2, back when I played on a PS3. I currently game on a Mac, but am in the process of building an enthusiast class pc. You can usually find me playing on the crossfire server, where I am most likely being a sweaty tryhard.??Not all the time though!?? Big Grin??I have one dog/puppy that??is a Yorkie named Kiwi, and she??always puts a smile on my face.?? Heart??Outside of trying hard in Call of Duty, I put my full effort into??school as well. I??recently graduated from a private high school with a 96% average and the top overall mark in 6/8 of my??classes. Other hobbies for me include ice hockey, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends. I've had a lot of great memories with the FF servers in the past, and can't wait to make some more in the future. See y'all around!?? Smile
- PMAN_6?? Heart
Welcome to our servers, young man!
Hi, welcome.
Hi welcome to the forums and have fun in the servers
Hi Welcom here,

Nice dog you have young man?? Tongue
Old Friend ! Angel
G'day mate =)

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