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Hi new here, but not to cod4 I played since release but when new COD's came out I went to those clear up to Black Ops 2 and then skipped others till I got BO4(didn't want to skip em just didn't have a pc to run anything higher at that time.) I live with my parents Dad is 81 with memory loss so currently taking care of him. Just got an interview for Monday pretty excited to work at a call center. A part from gaming and family matters, hobbies are Gardening, Signature Designer, & making youtube montages(Question am I allowed to post montages with FF tags once I do qualify to have tags???I'm not the type to put tags on unless given to me so no worries.) Other than that glad to be here and looking forward to getting to know everyone. See you in game.?? Smile
Good because if you wear our FF tags and are NOT an Approved Member you'll be Banned. If possible ask these questions once you're approved but for now until you get to know everyone it too early.

Hello from Iceland Wink

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