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dr termi
is an abusive admin and kicks me all the time. FF servers are really the only servers i play on. he keeps claiming Wh, but his judgement his clearly wrong. if you have suspicions you should prove it and not just kick people whenever you want.??

ive played with many admins before and never been kicked..only when dr termi is on.
stop the abuse !
On your last post Termi already answered you:

Quote:You insert yourself into Admin doing there jobs then you start calling them names....What don't you understand. I told you in game "Mind your own business" and to either Play or Leave. Why do you keep doing what you were ask??NOT??to do. Admin Disrespect will not be tolerated. Follow the Server Rules - NO Binds or Config Changes,??Be nice, do what you're ask??and Enjoy the Servers.
According to his response he isn't accusing you to wallhack yet??the abuse is on your side.
I got to know Termi as a reliable, kind and fair person so start to respect him and he won't have to kick you.

Just to add my two cents ...
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that was a different occasion, and the reasoning he gave is false. I got kicked, then asked why, then was told to behave. Then i posted to forums, where he gave that response above and quickly locked the thread.

This time, I got kicked, came back into the server and keep getting kicked so I made another post here on the forums.
In game he was claiming??i have WH. I clearly do not and he is abusing admin rights.

I did not type one word in game. Just played normally and only get kicked when Dr termi is playing.
As stated, I enjoy playing in FF servers, they are the only servers I play on.

All I ask is to just stop abusing admin rights.
ALL we ask is that you Stop Tracking people. This is using a WH........we also don't allowed Quick Scope, Weapons Next or Fire??Binds. Use only stock configs which you're not doing. I warn and kick to keep from having to Ban you. However, I will from now on Demo then Ban you. We want you to come into the servers and have Fun but Play Fair!
none of my keys are binded. i play regular just as you do. i do not use any wall hack.
Ive been playing this game for a long time, players tend to go to the same spots.
A UAV, some headphones, and decent experience playing in pubs does not??equate??to WH. sorry.

I was just kicked again today. its one thing to say, hey you're too good dont play here (which i dont think im that good).
Its another thing to keep falsely accusing people of hacking with no proof.

Its actually sad, as i like playing in FF servers.

You guys should lay off the kick commands. if you really had proof I was hacking you would have banned me long time ago.
If i had a server and caught someone hacking i would insta ban them.??
But i dont run any scripts or hacks, and you know it.

idk why im wasting my time. I guess ill find some other servers to play in.
I see you were kicked again tonight for a WH by a different Admin.....your play says it all.

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