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Ban Appeal
In-Game Name: the black or 4KT
which server were you playing on: =|FF|= Crossfire
Date and Time of Ban: Friday, March 1, 2019 10:07 pm
Banning Admin or other Admins Present: =|FF|= DrTermi
Reason for Ban: "Racism"??
?? I have never made??any racist comments, and I don't think that naming myself the black is racist. I am African American myself, so that name is not intended to be used for a??racist purpose. I wouldn't be racist in the first place. There was no warning, and I had no chance to realize that I was going to be banned. I feel as if the admin who banned me did me an injustice. I wasn't told to change my name. So this is my ban appeal. I will change my name, just please give me a warning. Thank you. I am sorry if I offended anyone.
Here???s the ban appeal link.??

Your profile has private messaging disabled. Hit ???User CP??? in the upper left under the word Welcome to adjust settings.
[Image: B56_B734_F-_B7_A2-48_AF-8_CAD-1117_BD1_D3_D36.jpg]
[Image: b_460x42_C000000-222222-333333-CCCCCC-FFCC00-FFCC00.png]

In-Game Name: Kamilooz
which server were you playing on: =|FF|= Crossfire
Date and Time of Ban:
Banning Admin or other Admins Present:
Reason for Ban: ??BASHandSlash 880430 Ban Sat, 28/09/19 (18:45) hacker

Can u unban me? i now know i cant modded my cfg. Its my first time when i got ban on ur server for change my cfg on yitch3 for more fps. I wanna apologize and create my own cfg to can play on server i have hope u can give me chance and unban me this time.
i used original key to game.
I paste my ban number.
Thank You

i steal have ban on my client Sad my ip is

There is no current bans on your account, please as stated in the ban appeals section send me a PM with your IP address,

Do not post your ban appeals responses in here once you have started a ban appeal

Thank You

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