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  • First Name: William Lohmeyer
  • Aliases (in-game name): Griggs
  • Location in the World: Ohio, USA
  • Age: 18
  • What servers do you play on:??Crossfire and all maps
  • Referred or endorsed by whom: I think ChieF
  • Are you or were you in a previous clan: Yes
  • If so why did you leave your last clan: =AG= (Alliance Gamers)
  • Why do you want to join the Fatal Forces clan:
  • If accepted do you agree to give a small donation of at least $10.00 us dollars each month to help keep our servers online: I could start during the end of May because that is when I start working.
  • Tell us something about yourself: I have been playing Cod4 for a while. I am always active, and I am a fair honest person. I would be online all the time hanging??out and talking with you all.
  • Do you agree to stay active on our servers, Teamspeak and the website: Yes
  • Do you agree that if you are not active for two weeks that we remove you from the clan: Yes
What ever happened here??? There were NO responses at all to this application?
Hello ElloSmile

Hi Griggs.

Well, if there were any responses they are gone now of course after that forums' throwback ...

I don't know you at the moment, yet you yourself didn't??log in this whole month at least and??since THIS is your one and only action in the forums at all,??you might not be that interested anymore. Considering WHO endorsed you, that's not very much??surprising since ChiefX??ran out of patience quite quick as well back in the days and is nowadays advertising for his own dubious server at the expense of ours:

[Image: x5a978iye9q5n7j6g.jpg]

Don't wanna be a poor sport but when have you??actually played on =|FF|=servers lately????On Crossfire & Allmaps US instead of a plain "Griggs" only??a????MXGriggs, RIPGriggs, Griggs95, SGT Griggs and??uG??~ Griggs RD can be found and ALL of them have been in-game in 2017 and 2016 for the last time.

Also I need someone to explain to me in what way the answer "=AG= (Alliance Gamers)" is valid when being asked??WHY you left your precious clan?!

Last but not least I can't be the only one recognizing that the whole question "Why do you want to join the Fatal Forces clan" was left unacknowledged and??blank, which to me is plenty of sparse.

Apart from all that - what maybe can be cleared up - WELCOME ofc.

"A man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax." (Rita Rudner)

"Night air, good conversation, and a sky full of stars can heal almost any wound." (Beau Taplin)

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