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I have been harassed multiple time from this servers admin and this is some bulshit
too old to run has been harassing me on multiple ocations saying that I'm being racist while other players say that "black lives don't matter" and keeps kicking me from the game today I was happily playing on your server and I haven't said anything and this one dude says Gucci is lagging I told him I wasn't lagging and you can even spectate me and I wasn't lagging what so ever I have repetitively been harassed on your servers. I will press law action class 4 lawsuits on this server if these actions keep up. heres my lawyers contact??
Gucci Pink (or MaRe, zin, Zer0, iC3|SKULLY, ssunde & thousands of other nicknames),??

in-game you apologized repeatingly for your behaviour and claimed a lot that you wanted "just to??play the game",??"to meet new people", even "to make new friends".??
Now that you came here just to complain about the adminstration and even threatening with a lawyer??makes me feeling sad and guilty, ashamed of having recommended these forums to you.

Please reconsider, contemplate and focus on the good stuff and staff around: have fun still playing CoD4 (in about 2weeks from now) with a neat bunch of people.
May you use your days off to start all over new, to cherish the servers, their players and admins??afterwards even more.
"Whoever was never in fetters knows nothing about freedom." (Jakob Bosshart)

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@Eyeofkitty you are one of the best people I've honestly met on this server. but for 2oldtoruns behavior I won't let myself get harassed. Why are you supporting one of your admins harassment towards me. thats fucked up in so many different ways. I haven't even herd one apology for the entire situation thats the least he could do.. but I guess since he's a admin he thinks he can harass and abuse his power. this is completely unacceptable and your evading the entire part of him being racist in your reply. I have already spoken to administration about this.

This is a private server for a reason, that reason meens we and only we decide who is allowed to play on OUR servers at any time and for any reason,

For someone asking for help and playing innocent you sure have an absurd way of asking,

Your extensive past including kicks and bans from multiple admins tells us allot, the chat logs record everything you type, if you wanted help you should try asking a little differently, if not then thats simply to bad,

Good luck Kid
(09-24-2019, 10:34 PM)ckyuan Wrote:  I will press law action class 4 lawsuits on this server if these actions keep up. heres my lawyers contact??

This is some funny shit right here!!
Alright, Alright, Alright....

It'd be a lot cooler if you did!

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