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How to Correctly Watch/Defend Smokes
Hey =FF=, I was going to start a mini-series on proper first-person shooter tactics and mechanics but I hit this shot earlier and figured it would be a good time to start the videos.
Each video will be less than 5 min (usually around 1-2) and will quickly go over common situations that can be used to gain an advantage over your enemies. Future topics will cover things like aim tips, movement mechanics, nade spots, angles, smoke spots, correct target choice in 1v2+ situations, wall bangs and more!

In this video, we learn how to correctly watch an active smoke for enemy movement and  I go over the best settings to use for visual optimization within cod4 graphics and texture settings. Enjoy! 

I got quite the reaction from Red Horse in this clip, and it was understandable considering the lucky headshot and the fact that killcams are a reflection of the client's(dead players) graphics settings. Meaning If red had a difference in graphics settings (glow, shadows, specular map, depth of field, lighting, etc...)    he might not be able to even see himself in the kill-cam. 

I've included the original recorded kill from my Geforce recording software (I have a GTX-1050) to avoid further confusion that might come from Youtubes compression software making it even harder to see. the HD full 2min clip can be found here:

I wanted to also include a much more detailed text write-up on this to make it easier for everyone:

When smoke goes off you need to be watching and aiming at the EDGES and high profile areas of the smoke. Think of it as a dome shape around the smoke. This is where you will find the most movement from enemies. Most of the time you see a player they will be running in or out of the edges of the smoke. This is because the edges of the smoke are much softer (even with soften smoke edges off in settings, this only affects the bottom of the smoke pattern that clips into the ground of the map) making it much easier to see into and past. When running an AR, LMGor sniper it is also smart to shoot into the areas of the smoke that hide what the enemy is trying to conceal. Right as soon as a cloud of smoke goes off you should keep a mental note of what is quickly disappearing behind it: doors, windows, open space, etc. Tap fire into the smoke at the high profile areas for extra kills and assists. If you think the enemy is running through the smoke after a hitmaker on someone who you cant see you need to drag your aim to one side or the other and try to hit them again. This is blind shooting but over time you will get a feel for the proper speed you need to set in your own aim in order to get those 2nd and 3rd hits to finish them off. 

remember people smoke is NOT bulletproof!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I would love to help everyone here understand and improve!  Big Grin

Its a lot easier to say "I hack"....LOL
(10-22-2019, 09:02 PM)Dr.Termi57 Wrote: Its a lot easier to say "I hack"....LOL

Termi, what’s up buddy? It’s actually easier to verify that I’m 100% clean (organic play and default config) I’ve offered the same deal to everyone who has accused me before. I live stream on twitch 80-90% of the time I play. You see me in game every day and complain all the time so why don’t you take the 5 min it would take to connect to my desktop using team viewer or discord (or any screen sharing app) my discord is intah#3334 Connect and look through my task manager for running processes and my call of duty 4 folder. I have no cheats on my entire pc, you can look wherever you’d like. You find something you can ban me on the spot and it will be live for everyone to see.

You could prove your claims In less than 5min but I have a feeling that you know you won’t find anything so you don’t. Instead you’d rather make little comments here and there for 2 years, trying to convince other players I’m cheating as well.

As for this tips and tricks series I’ve had the idea for a while and was even talking about it in game the other day (feel free to check chat logs, which are also easily verifiable) with other players like eagle talon who I added on discord to help him with some questions and specific in game improvements. I’ll be posting another vid today after I ask around about what I should cover next.
I'm impressed Smile
(10-24-2019, 02:04 PM)INGA Wrote: I'm impressed Smile

Thanks INGA! Red told me in game today “your video was shit” so I’m glad someone enjoyed it

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