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Join the =|FF|=-Clan
  • First Name: Timo

  • Aliases (in-game name): Actually [COD] Supreme

  • Location in the World:Germany

  • Age:18

  • What servers do you play on: 24/7 Broadcast, Killhouse and Crossfire

  • Referred or endorsed by whom: Killemall, EyeofKitty

  • Are you or were you in a previous clan: No

  • If so why did you leave your last clan:-----

  • Why do you want to join the Fatal Forces clan: Hold the Servers clean of Hackers, and have fun with all who there playing

  • If accepted do you agree to give a small donation of at least $10.00 us dollars each month to help keep our servers online: Killemall said that not had to be

  • Tell us something about yourself:  I do an education as businessman in Retail, and play COD whenever i can

  • Do you agree to stay active on our servers, Teamspeak and the website: Yes always

  • Do you agree that if you are not active for two weeks that we remove you from the clan: Yes

  • You will need to join Team speak 3 before we will even think about accepting your application. Im already joined the Teamspeak
Welcome Supreme!!  Cool

Right now you are pretty present, so there have been some fun games together.

Would be cool nevertheless if you could stay active in the servers (haven't seen you within some months in the meantime) and if you would start participating in the forums at all.

Also several ppl today have been wondering why you don't say a word while in TS - a headset is no one-way road, for listening there are podcasts, you know Tongue

A little misunderstanding in here though: wasn't my idea for you to apply, that's why you owe your whole debt of gratitude to Killem alone obviously.

Good luck & peace out!
"A man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax." (Rita Rudner)

"Night air, good conversation, and a sky full of stars can heal almost any wound." (Beau Taplin)
Welcome Supreme Smile
[COD] Supreme

Thank you for applying to become a member of FF.

We will review your application in the upcoming weeks.

[COD] Supreme has been a level 40 in FF EU Broadcast for a few month.

FF senior admins please review his FF EU Broadcast admin action history if you can.
Your application is on hold based on your performance with your limited admin level.
If you do well and act maturely, we will review your admin actions and you may be reconsidered for full admin and FF member.

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