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  • First Name: Austin
  • Aliases (in-game name): LtStokeman
  • Location in the World: Salt Lake City,Utah 
  • Age: 41
  • What servers do you play on: Crossfire
  • Referred or endorsed by whom: =|FF|=EyeofKitty, =|FF|=OGCobra 
  • Are you or were you in a previous clan: Yes [AIA] allied in Arms 2003-present but not active
  • If so why did you leave your last clan: still in the clan not active servers are offline
  • Why do you want to join the Fatal Forces clan: you and your husband are great and ArmyWifey loves you guys lol plus i hate hackers lol 
  • If accepted do you agree to give a small donation of at least $10.00 us dollars each month to help keep our servers online: maybe every other month 
  • Tell us something about yourself: I am retired from the Special Warfare Operations and I am married to the, one the only ArmyWifey who is by far a better player than I am and I am medically retired from the USAR SOCSOP community. 
  • Do you agree to stay active on our servers, Teamspeak and the website: Yes I agree
  • Do you agree that if you are not active for two weeks that we remove you from the clan: I agree

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Hello, nice to meet you I met you a few times in game.   Were you in ts3 yet?
Welcome Lieutenant!

Thank you for your application.

In my opinion you'd fit into the Fatal Forces very well. My hubby and I enjoyed all the matches together with you and your wife - as you said: it's rare to find another gaming couple, especially one that's so endearing, woohoo. Aww, thank you so much for the compliment, right back at you, mate! Both of you are inspiring souls that add a great sense of humor and good talks to the servers, as well as to TS. Plus: you've got admin experience from another clan.

[Image: approval-cat-approves-12347512.png]
Last but not least: awesome pic, THANK YOU for your service, sir! Your troops are keeping the peace all over the world and our nations are free due to your sacrifice! We need more of you around here  Cool

Fully endorsed.
"A man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax." (Rita Rudner)

"Night air, good conversation, and a sky full of stars can heal almost any wound." (Beau Taplin)
Welcome SLC AUSTINSmile
Had the pleasure of playing in game, meeting and talking in TS and trying to help him fill this app out and help with TS3. He plays on a Mac, so I couldn't help much lol.. Seems like a cool guy. Hope to see you more in ts and in game
Played against Army many times, always fun.

 Finally got to chat with the Lt. and his better half, ArmyWifey, in TS tonight, and play a few round in game.  They sound like they will be good additions to our FF family.  Good conversations, and fun players.  AND, we finally got his lady to get on Ts with us!  I heard that is an accomplishment.  Must be they really are interested. 
   FF Kitty has said good things about them, and I now have to agree with Kitty and Killemall, so .........

 ... Endorsed!

I'll try to help them get into the swing of things with demos and such this weekend and into next week so they can get a jump on helping out.


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