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(12-26-2019, 02:00 PM)bibledeer Wrote:
(12-25-2019, 01:16 PM)Too Old To Run Wrote: Many of the ones I listed have been called out for "playing too rough" here.  I do Not care to make judgements on their abilities and whether or not they are by skill, or "artificial enhancements", or from $$ in better equipment.  The problem is now not a matter of those criteria.  It IS a matter of why should we keep those few "REALLY GOOD" players on here and watch the other people, who are here just to have some relaxing fun, leave because of them and their overly aggressive and competitive play style.
   I for one, am very suspicious of anyone who can just run right over to me while I am running UAV jammer, silenced weapon -no shots fired, and am in a out-of-the-way hiding spot, and have been there for a while, and they kill me.  I have done this several times as bait to expose someone with a suspected wall-hack and whom others are complaining about.  When they are confronted the first thing they say is, "I saw your Red Dot on the mini-map".  BS!  I'm alone and there is NO red dot with my UAV jammer and silencer!  BUSTED!  This has come from a few long time players and from some others who I am now very dissappointed with. 
   This is just a frickin' game!!  Why do you need to play so hard?  WE're here just to have some fun.  It's like that pick-up game among a bunch of friends in the old vacant lot, or in the neighborhood park!!

The number one reason for losing players and servers is that this game is old.. also, over the past 10+ years that I've been playing it, when servers start having network/load problems (too many CIs, lags, high pings, ..) is when you empty servers.. not necessarily play style.. Your server is policed well, so real cheaters (aimbots, etc) are not a big issue.. that bug exploit that some idiots were using to crash our games -- that sucked and made many leave.. Now with Apple's new OSX update that is killing CoD4 for us Mac players, that's the next issue..

As for aggressive/competitive play style -- this is a strategic war game.. some camp with an LMG (that's how I started).. others with a sniper and the rest provide food for both.
personally, I play as vindictive as I can.. you kill me, I'll do my best to kill you back.. that's the fun for me.. the more you camp hard, the harder I would try to get you, even if I die 20 times to get you once.. the games I enjoy the most are when the server is loaded and the teams are well matched.. getting killed at spawn or very close to spawning by someone camping behind spawn upsets me as well as big ping differences where I think I hit someone 10 times and they shoot me once after and they get the kill.

If everyone was camping where nobody could get them and they couldn't get anyone then that's not exactly a fun game.. also, if you're camping with an LMG and getting everyone that goes through a door, that's not exactly fun for new folks that don't know the map either.

UAV jammer and a silencer is not exactly a scientific method.. all it takes is someone else from your team without a UAV jammer to be in your vicinity for someone on the other team to look there or nade, etc. When I was part of the UTF clan, we used to be tied at the hip with Punkbuster, where we got hundreds of hackers banned from all PB servers, you couldn't do it based on a hunch or UAV jammer, there had to be demo proof. There were some demo replay tools that allowed you to see exactly where that person was aiming and you could tell the real wallhackers and aimbotters apart from the good players.. again, not fool proof but a better method.

In any case, to each his own.. I really enjoy the server and playing and talking to the people on it.. some of which I played with since I started playing this game back in 2009. While I respectfully disagree with some of what you said, I do want to thank you for keeping it alive.

-- BibleDeer

   First off, Thank You for your appreciation.  "You can please some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can't please All the people All the time."  I respect your right to disagree.  That's a liberty we have in this country that I do not take lightly.  It's also a good way to get new ideas out in the open for discussion and to resolve disagreements before they develop into anything worse.  So right now lets "agree to disagree", and move on.

   I know also about the "look in spectate, find your victim, go kill them where they think they're safe hiding" ploy.  If anyone needs to be that low to get kills, they need to be removed, and told to go somewhere else to play. 
   OH, wait a minute!  There are no other places left for them to go!!  Along with the hackers, They and their over-zealous, overbearing, overly competitive play have killed off all the other servers!!  Our Crossfire server is the only one left!!!  If you don't like the way we have had to preserve the last old relic of CoD4, then go play CSGO, BF4, World Of Warcraft or something, .... somewhere else.
   WE are trying OUR best to keep this old game alive for the common people to have FUN playing.  Us old timers really don't give a rats a$$ about those who want to come into our server and "show us how it's done".  A lot of the FF people USED to be Really Good at the competition level, but most don't get into that anymore.  There isn't enough GERITOL in the store to get us to care about that BS anymore either.  It just doesn't matter that much now.
   A great big smile on a 2 year old grand daughters face when she gets "that favorite cookie" after finally finishing her meal, is worth SO much more, and it's a whole lot easier on the eyes than that monitor glare, too.  And, the hugs are even better than ...... well, you get the idea.  When that last of 6 coats gets hand finished to a high gloss finish and that 'piece of wood' which has now become a piece of furniture is finally ready to introduce to it's new home, your pride in a job well done is appreciated as craftsmanship.  I just can't get so excited in a pick-up game of CoD4, online, with my friends, that I just HAVE to be so aggressive that others, who are just here to have some fun, get up and leave, because of me.  It reeks of, "HA!  THERE!  TAKE THAT!!  I KILLED YOU!!  (stupid happy dance)  SEE HOW GREAT I AM!!  HA HA!!  IN YOUR FACE!!", whether you intend it to come off that way or not. 
   Do we need to post a sign outside the CrossFire server that reads, "We are trying to keep our last server alive, so if you are going to try to play like "Stevy" Verheyen, you are not welcome here."?  Or, maybe we should make it a "by invitation only" server, and just let EVERYONE else into a new "Public Server- AllMaps", and let them all fend for themselves.  We'll see what happens. 

2OldToRun - Member of the FF "Geritol Gang"

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