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Hello All!
Hi an aside, why can't you ban the cd key of Arcade? Not that it would make much difference, he probably uses a generator for that seeing as cheating is what he does. I bet he is a great catch for the ladies...LOL. Very loyal.
Muahaha, good one, Mayhem  HAHA If that's the same loser "visiting" FF for ages he claims to have a girlfriend that's so needy she's unbelievably expensive in maintenance *cough cough*

As far as I know it's exactly like you stated: gets banned in all possible ways, keeps evading.

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[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: 9o49v1dnxqreizp6g.jpg]
A man will go to war, fight & die for his country. But he won't get a bikini wax. (R.Rudner) | Night air, good conversation & a sky full of stars can heal almost any wound. (B.Taplin)

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