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Interesting thing about video cards high end also

  So im in NY under a state of emergency and bored as heck, So i had upgraded my kids GTX780 to a GTX2080 the GTX780 had crapped out and it was outdated, I got bored and started messing with stuff, YUP THAT BORED, I pulled out my old card and started checking over the solder points with a jewelers magnifying glass, found nothing, stumbled across a couple videos online about baking your video card in the oven to fix them, laughed my ass of at first, then AS BOREDOM goes I spent about 15 minutes taking it apart and baked it at 300 degrees for ten minutes on top of aluminum foil little stands,

  YUP WORKS PERFECT, re installed it installed the drivers, ran it through a couple test programs functions 100%, put a heavy load on the GPU runs perfect, I know the theory is it will liquify the solder again and repair poor or broken solder joints. I had EVGA talk me through diagnosing it before i replaced it, I also tried it in two different PCs before i was able to accept the video card i paid over 900 for at the time was bad. Now it works perfect.

  If your bored and have time along with a video card you hated to see go bad, kills about 3 or 4 hours total, {but thats if you have nothing else to do} then the next hour is spent trying to make it fail, then about an hour laughing about the 900 plus i spent on a new card for my kids PC, then about an hour trying to see if its just going to crap out, like watching grass grow really, turn stuff on push the video card stuff.

   Thought this was really cool and now i have a perfectly good GTX780 beta test 6gb video card as back up for something,
I had a GTX 780Sc 6Gb .. Mine took a shit one day, took it apart and cleaned the entire inside. Didn't go as far as all that. Worked for a while, till it got hot, fan wouldn't kick on and it stopped again. But I upgraded my card to a GTX 1070Ti 8Gb and I love it. I actually have 2 1070Ti's, but only using one
it is usually the solder joints that go loose, you can hardly see it. Good idea to heat it up, you had nothing to lose.

I usually don't have time for things like this, but now with the state of emergency, I'm going to find out if I have any old video cards.
Old Friend ! Angel
Yeh i have several spares, I also have several beta test cards, i got involved in some little beta test program from EVGA many years ago. I thought this was cool as heck, and it got rid of some boredom. I have an old GTX295 one of the beta test cards with i think 2g ram, it would still run any game but not like the new cards will, it crapped out also, I think i will bake that one today, then im going to try a older failed motherboard see if that works lol.
Good idea Rabi! I got old parts laying around, just gotta find them all. When stuff was moved, it got spread out. Now that it's getting warmer, I can look for it all. Some of it is in the garage. I always wanted to get into beta testing but never knew how.
I just resurected my GTX295 4GB ram video card, unbelievable really, that one went pop and stopped working a long ass time ago, would not even post, no idea why i even kept it around other than it to was about 800 dollars top of the line when i bought it,

Boredom leads to allot of fun sometimes lol, now i have an older working gtx780. a ancient working gtx295, I have a GTX750TI that ones brand new still had it as back up a few years back, I have a GTX1050TI which was also a backup I keep around and it to is brand new. Now its time to test motherboards, this could get fun, to bad none of the motherboards are worth even using, But if i can get them to post and boot it would be cool as hell. I have an old DOS computer which i upgraded to windows 3.1 then then windows 95 but its so slow to even get to the screen its not even funny, maybe next is fire them up and see what i can mess with lol, i still have parts for those, the 1mb ran sticks its all really old stuff. even found ghost recon the older game and my rainbow six game, and rainbow six urban ops lmao
to much plastic on motherboards lol, i tried one but one connector turned into a blob of plastic so i tossed the board,

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