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So just wanted to say that you guys made my night last night while getting in my last couple games of the night during this quarantine. 

First off just to let some of you know that I was one of the first members of FF back when Cod4 was taking off.  Yes that was many many moons ago.  I was apart of the first comp team that FF had and we lost more than won but regardless it was a good time.  I was probably one of the that fought hardest to have our bolt only server too.  I was always on that.  

Regardless of the above information I find it flattering that you think a 47 year old father of 3 (21,14 and 10) has the skills to make it look like I'm wall hacking.  Pwning with steady aim with the P90 is too simple when you have played that map 1000's of times.  Let alone throwing flash nades every direction.  Not that the players on your servers are the best but pretty easy to play compared to other servers that are still up.  I enjoy popping in just because you guys (none that I know) are still playing a game that I love.  My kids ask me to play their games but nothing will ever compare to Cod4 for me.

Not that this will change your mind but figured to drop in to share my thoughts...regardless of what you guys do everyone be safe.

Zig aka Triggerhappy

God bless...
Still very Mark kicked me for wall hack...on crossfire today

It happened right after I killed a guy in the bottom sniper nest. Moments before I had a UAV up and he was tucked in the corner above the car. I couldn't go up the later to kill because of a clay so I ran out and sprayed the wall with my AK. Then I get a warning to turn it off and now kicked. Whatever....

Thanks for making my day Mark. Such bullshit but whatever...

Would love to see a demo one day to maybe understand your thoughts of my wall hack but considering all the reads of my other post and not one FF reply I doubt that will happen.
any demo of me cheating?
Ban has been remove, seen no hacks or config violation

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