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Classic fatal forces 24/7 crossfire
Hey guys, like usual, some of the admins on your server have been kicking people claiming they are hacking, with no proof or even telling them what the hack is. just the good ol' "turn it off or get banned'. 

if you guys don't want players like me coming to the server because its too much for the noob players, just say it like it is. tell us to come back later. Or not at all. like you say, your admins are only human, but so are the players who go on your server, and it aint human to treat your only players like shit. 

if you really think im hacking, then maybe the cult status your server admins have for being retarded is warranted.

 @redhorse, i hope you just don't like me and aren't really that stupid

if anyone is salty we can 1v1 to settle this like men

good day Big Grin
Sorry I don't see any current list for your Name in either Bans or Kicks. Do see where your were killing from "Glitch" which is against the Rules. So what is your current Player Name??

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