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Mark's Hackusations
As the subject states, Mark has started a streak of kicking me for apparently wall-hacking, with this kick making it the third or fourth one so far. I understand that he's definitely not played much games with me (compared to others), but this is surely still no way to act, no?

  You can't tell me that Woody, Rabi, Termi, RedHorse, Kitty etc have seen me play over the yrs and not spotted my "walls", but all of a sudden, one person can (and has also accused me of using aim assist). Would pls appreciate it if an admin familiar with seeing me in game, clears this up with him, cuz I when I hop on, I just wanna play in peace & have my casual fun (haven't seen a cheater who's very used to a game, mostly go negative back to back).

In Game Name: AWAKS
Server: =|FF|= CROSSFIRE
Sorry Wrong place to post this.......see:
Also be nice it goes a long way.

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