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Can some of the higher level admins talk to MARK?

Every evening I see mark go on his banning spree on FF Crossfire. We will all be having a friendly game and the top fragger would be banned. No one would be complaining, everything would be civil, then Mark hops in and bans everyone with a KD above 1. I understand hackers ruin the game but when none of the players think anyone is hacking, Mark seems to be the one clearing servers rather than these so called "hackers" FF is so terrified of.

When others players defend the accused, mark slaps them down with the classic "If I wanted your opinion I would've asked"

Could we get some more friendly admins who want to just have fun in the game instead of giving off bad energy 24/7?

Could we have a civil discussion on this? Furthermore, I've never seen Mark even play the game, and I'm not sure how skilled he is at detecting hackers since some of these so called hackers he bans are clearly clean, some are even long time players.

Thank you!

PS: This is not a ban appeal, I just want some civil discussion and answers to my questions!
I was there the other night and witnessed the back and forth as it went on. Gotta say, I agree with vlone on these issues. If nothing else, Mark is very quick on the trigger. In this instance it the interesting thing was that not only was the guy getting kicked adamant that he wasn't hacking but several others came to his defense on the subject.

A more even consideration of the points being made by 3rd parties (not the admin and not the alleged hacker) would be worthwhile.
I got kicked/temp-banned too last night.. I switched my entire profile to silenced weapons that seem to need 10 bullets for a single kill.. I saw Mark warn someone else and kick them, then I got kicked a few minutes later, but I must have missed the warnings.. I've seen this happen to quite a few good and respectful players that I've played with for over a decade. The crossfire server is much emptier than it could be and I'm not sure it's because of the occasional hacker.

anyways -- saw vlone and TheLoner's post and had to add my experience.

Appreciate you running this server!

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