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Please Help me out
I have been playing on your server forever and love it.  I never trash talk, just play.  Tonight I got kicked for a config change.  I am not joking when I say I am way to old to understand what that means.  

I play on a MAC.  I downloaded the game from MAC store.  I have a Belkin Nostomo but other than that have not configured the game in anyway.

Can joining a server that is loads mods change your config?

If not, I have not done ANYTHING to the config.

Please help!  Don't want to be kicked anymore.
Does anyone have a pure config file for MAC? honestly I have no idea what happened here but keep getting booted.
Hey I found my config file after googling where it would be. I am sure you deal with many losers, I am not one of them. I will happily email/upload this config. I am hoping someone can tell me what was changed. Very few options for servers left for MAC players. I don't want to break rules. I am asking for help. I have no idea what changed. Please let me know what I can do to get this file to someone and have them tell me what I need to fix.
Hey there, BrokenJaw! Cool

Sorry for your config troubles. Since the rules changed this is a common issue unfortunately. Here another well known player got the same problem: Been Banned Thread
So sending a PM or e-mail with your config file to the Forum's Staff might save you.

Good luck, mate!
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Thank you. I PM'd my config_mp.cfg file to Termi57. Hoping that is the right file and for the correction I need! Appreciate your response EOK.

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