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WOW Davoc Banned.
Header says it all
Davoc banned for 3 days
Osborn Cox talking smack and calling everyone names.

It was an Auto-Ban by B3. Part of the program running in the Background that picks up Words or Phrases that are not allowed. No Admin involved with this Ban. Totally because of the Players Actions. Davoc has 2 players ID's on the same IP and has been kicked by B3 for changing his GUID in what appears to be Ban Evading. He has been Banned in the Past for Hacking too but that's a different issue.

[Image: edit.png]

Fri, 22/05/20 (20:49)
3 days
Mon, 25/05/20 (20:49)
No offensive, vulgar, racist, or annoying language.
if you have an issue with his gameplay then get a demo and report it to the admin that is here now

Thanks for the explanation

   Thank you to 1st-1 for catching this one, too. 
   The Censor has been updated (again) to remove this problem.  Thanks for your help and my apologies to Davoc for the inconvenience.  If there are any other problems like this, please post here so we can get them corrected. 


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