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Returning Accepted Member Ping
Dear friends, I don't know if I am remembered. I doubt it, given how I was treated by one trusted player. For over three years I have been a player on FF servers, making friends among players and the administration alike. However, due to my country of residence, my ping (306 at max) has been called to the attention of several admins, but when I explained my situation to multiple admins and was accepted for over three years. Seeing as though the max ping for Crossfire 24/7 is 380 and my own ping being within the margin, tonight I was warned twice by Wooderson for it, when he was having a bad game and clearly getting tempermental, and when I tried to explain my history we continued to warn me until I was forced from the only server I can play. I can name admin names who have accepted me and my ping in the past and can hopefully vouch for me if possible. I digress, this thread is to ask if players in my situation ARE in fact accepted and deserve this treatment?

I really hope that an agreement can be made for all.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully.

Connor "The Deadeye Doc" Scott.
Hey Deadeye......the Servers are now set to kick anyone with a Ping consistently over, I think, about 230. So that maybe you and it will not be changed. High Ping Players slow the game and will either Lag or even worse Teleport across the Map. It's very difficult to play with those players since they show up fast (out of nowhere) and are harder to kill. The bottomline is we have to remove those players that have High Pings, Lag or teleport.

Hey Termi, I have always had notifications about my ping, I have never been kicked for my ping, automatically or by admin. Even now. FF is my home and has been for going on four years, I get killed far more than I actually get kills. It has worked like that in the past and even now. I do not break any rules and never have in the past and fully intend to stay until I am cast out for my location.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully.

Connor "The Deadeye Doc" Scott.
Look the cut off value for Ping Settings is really not up for discussion with me. I was just trying to explain why you maybe being kicked by B3 which is set for Pings over about 230.....
Hopefully on good days your Ping stays low.......Good luck in game.

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