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Cod Jumpers Fatal Forces (implementation)
hi  =FF=CodJumpers

I am a codjumper player for 4 years I would like this clan to implement such a competitive cj mods that it can surpass another large cj clan as an example (3xp clan) It can be a very complete and optimized mods for all the public that likes cj that there are many

try to make a simple and easy-to-use interface that can have a FF CLAN database that can store all the data of all the players with an id (example num 1 to 20000 and the player can see their id by putting an example (! myid) there it will detect what your id is and it can be recovered

In the account you will have saved the data of the maps that you have managed to pass and you will also have the data of the speed that you have passed if you manage to be in the position table which would be a top10

there will be two leaderboards

125fps record
players who manage to pass a map without changing the fps enter that list

* You will have to implement something that you decide when someone changes fps example 125- 333 or 250

the other list will be
 mixed fps records

The players that enter this classification
are the players who change the fps

these are the ideas that can be implemented as commands and functions

- MySQL backend to store everything from checkpoint locations to player generated logs
- Personalized account system, no need to login and protected against the most rudimentary attacks
- On-screen logs, see how fast other players went on this map
- Antiblock, players do not collide with each other.
- Ambientmusic on / off setting
- List of best records, also available online in the FATAL FORCE leaderboards
- Clean and reduced stock scripts: no more damage from others, no more useless scripts present that could slow down the game
- Checkpoint system supports multipath maps
- Each execution you perform is tracked separately and stored in a database. Currently 68711 is running on file, of which 9999 have completed.
- The distance a player has walked is being saved, currently the total distance traveled by all players is 32,475.8 km (almost the perimeter of the earth)
- The number of jumps a player makes is being saved, currently the total jump count is 3276228 (more than 3 million jumps)
- FPS verification system: make sure a player who says they are making the map at 125 fps is actually using this fps

- Customizable hud / enable / disable position
- Modular design, easy to expand
- Cloak replacement, for maps that are not completely finished but no longer have a mapper
- Measurement system, to easily measure a jump.
- Medal system, get medals according to your performance.
- Nadejump Tracking (NORPG)
- Duplicate name prevention system
- See your own statistics on screen while jumping (can be disabled)
- Ability to search the statistics of another jumper (or yourself) while on the server
- Custom "friendly player names" are displayed, so you can easily identify players

- Saving system that remembers up to 100 previous positions
- Keyboard hud display: while watching someone you can see what keys they are pressing
- Custom time management system, don't let the timer run if only one person is jumping
- Voting system has been completely replaced to allow custom votes such as adding time or setting which map will play after the current one

- B3 style administrative system, fully encoded within CoD4 and adjusted to the needs of the jumpers

Some characteristics of this administrative system:

-! saybold: make an iPrintlnBold everyone
-! poll: start a poll using the custom voting system
-! servers: see what other servers are online and join them immediately
-! randomize: set another random map as nextmap
-! nades: allows an admin to enable / disable grenades on certain players or globally
-! medals - see what medals you have and which medals are available on this map
-! pstats: view a list of statistics for a given player
-! bigjump - Gives your jump a boost, but registers as a cheat
-! jetpack: gives you a jetpack, but it is registered as cheat
-! nowaypoints: disable / enable checkpoint flags. Useful for a step-by-step demonstration
-! enableave: forcibly enables / disables save for you on a map, but registers as cheat if you force it
-! allowvote: gives an admin the power to enable / disable / delay the vote call
-! huds: customize your interface
-! battle - choose from your own logs and all logs to view during your run
-! country: see which country a certain player is from
-! noiprints: completely disables the iPrinln function generated by mod. Useful for a step-by-step demonstration
-! resetvotetimeout - After a vote, there is a payback period. This command resets this period
-! startmusic /! stopmusic: enable / disable background music
-! drawdist: set a custom draw distance
-! drawworld: enable / disable world drawing
-! autoreset: if you don't have a save, the load will automatically restart its execution
-! findmap: find a map that matches some parts of your query
-! telesave: copy a save from another player
-! teleport: teleport to another player
-! Teleplayer: teleports another player to you
-! setprefname: set a preferred name for your records
-! aliases: see what other names you have

admin levels cj

Admin 1 :It will be when you start playing in FF Codjumper
Admin 20: when I manage to pass 30 maps
Admin 40: when i manage to pass 70 maps
Admin 60: You will only get it for a promotion by an administrator 90 he will have the option of giving it to you or not
Admin 80: Only admins with level 100 can promote a level 80 or 90 admin player with permission from the mod creator
because you will have access to several commands to eject or ban a player much more
Admin 90: Only admins with level 100 can promote a level 80 or 90 admin player with permission from the mod creator
because you will have access to several commands to eject or ban a player much more
Admin 100: is the super admin

The Creator FF
will have access

recover an account or upload a new map to the server only one person should manage the database to avoid any problem in handling

Whoever donates to the server will have exclusive gun access as rpg

I hope you like this idea, that you can support me by enlarging the community more

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