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Show off your ride!
Hey everybody! Besides gaming, I'm a car nut! I love driving almost any kind of vehicle and I love to learn about them. So, let's see your sweet, or daily drivers!

Here's mine. I have a 2000 bmw 740iL. It's a special edition highline model. What that means is a special Orinoco green and the leather on the dash and doors, as well as the carpet match the outside green, and I also have special Nappa leather seats with the Orinoco green piping. It's about to
Hit 180,000 miles and the 4.4 v8 still runs like a champ with lots of power! And a little side note, the top speed is 134mph. I can get the limiter taken off and hit 155 mph, but haven't gotten to that yet!
I have my 1998 Saturn which pics will not be shown, shes old and has been hit and scratched But then there is my red motorcycle. Big Red is a 2006 Honda Shadow 600 VLX in Candy Glory Red. I spend as much time on her as I can from April until September, depending on the weather.
[Image: IMG_2557.jpg][Image: IMG_1563.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2638.jpg]
First it looked like this:

[Image: Vhu6Uec.jpg?2]

then it looked like this:

[Image: pgaQUum.jpg]

Then I looked like this:

[Image: qlshC29.jpg]

and now she looks like this:

[Image: meQ1kt5.jpg]
Here is Orgasmos baby. He has a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom. No pics of his precious Ford Fusion, that would be too much dark paint LOL
[Image: IMG_3913.jpg][Image: IMG_3910.jpg][Image: IMG_3914.jpg]
New 400 block and 1300 CFM blower in there now, goes pretty good Wink

Lots and lots and lots of work and engineering to make it all come together.????

400 Dart block, H-beams, Wiseco racing pistons, methanol injected, nitrous injected, fuel injected, custom built everything and tablet controlled timing / fuel / engine management from inside with lots of gauges lol.

[Image: IMG_3028.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3026.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1639.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2436.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2399.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1366.jpg]
[Image: tugsig.jpg]
Dang! I wish I was that good with an engine! I would love to redo all the seals I mine. My valve cover gaskets are gone. But I wanna redo it all. I wanna powder coat the valve covers in red! Also I would love to swap my 5 speed auto for a 6speed manual!
i drive a minivan (i know I KNOW?? Confused Confused??)??

but i plan to get this??

[Image: focus-rs-feann-099.jpg?width=1024]

[Image: landscape-1447744690-mg-9374.jpg]

[Image: 2016-ford-focus-rs-inline2-photo-667452-s-original.jpg]

[Image: 1422981811_rs7.jpg]

future bae ?? Heart Heart
[Image: LinkSignature01.png]
740 is an awesome car, I was looking at a bunch of the I's but everyone has lost their mind as far as what they think they're worth.
[Image: tugsig.jpg]
(04-27-2016, 08:30 AM)tugboat Wrote: 740 is an awesome car, I was looking at a bunch of the I's but everyone has lost their mind as far as what they think they're worth.

Yea, luckily I got mine for a good deal! It had one owner, no rips or tears in the leather. Had two dings on it. And low miles for the year! I love it and haven't had any major issues. I'm just praying that the alternator doesn't go cause if it does, it's $620 ????
Get it rebuilt from a reputable alternator shop. Don't pay $620.
[Image: tugsig.jpg]
The truck that I bought the weekend before last.

[Image: xWupuWv.jpg]
[Image: FIWb8tS.jpg]

2007 Toyota Tundra Limited with a 5.7L V8. To hell with all those gas saving cars.

Added the tool box, tow mirrors and vent visors since last weekend. Also added back up lights.
[Image: n00b4.png]

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-373E28-D2E1B5-889C63-889C63.png]
Nice noob! Those engines are fun! And you know the saying, right? Once you go to a v8 you won't ever go back!
So many nice rigs, I will get my new Ford pics up soon
Nice bike and lengthy post! lol I want to get a bike, of course I'm a bmw fan so that is most likely what I will get, but I refuse to get my motor license in California. I've seen too many people swerve into the lane when bikers are lane splitting. Even seen people open their door on them, so I refuse to here. Too many dumbasses here. But when I move to Texas I will be working on getting one Smile

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