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Where did you get your name from?
I'm always interested in finding out where people got some of their in-game names. Sometimes even seemingly uncreative names have surprising backstories!

Mine (IRS Form 1040) is just one of a bunch of random names I was playing around with, looking for a sort of??"why the hell would you play CoD with that name" response. Cause everybody loves getting killed by a tax form...
In-game name??IRS Form 1040

"Never start a fight, but always finish it." - John Sheridan

Any sufficiently advanced skill is indistinguishable from hacking.
Ah,the originals ;D...the great Niklaus Mikaelson!!!
I am the Devil in disguise.
Kill her and the baby.
I'm more broken than anyone thought.

I used to work in a bar and silly me dressed as a bar maid one Halloween and they kept calling me the Beer Wench( a renaissance bar maid), and I started with Lady Wench and a friend kept shortening it to Wenchie, so I changed it and kept it that way.
I'm a fan of Doctor who. And I'm terrible with thinking of names for things, my poor future children, so I just used TheDoctor.
I got it from =|FF|= Buttercup. We still need a Bubbles tho.

miss him <3
[Image: wWYp8Ow.gif]
Fox McCloud from StarFox. and i like foxes...

[Image: Starfox_is_Awesome_by_starfox64x_-_Copy.jpg]
[Image: bqBYiEK.png]
played zelda back in the old days of consoles....zelda would always get into trouble, and link never turned his back on her....;D
[Image: LinkSignature01.png]
Too Old To Run

I Camp. Plain and simple (although lately I've been learning how to use my knife better from Termi). ??My (K/D) sucks Most of the time when I do the "Retard Run", and I wind up helping the opposing team more with my score.?? Seeing that I play TDM almost ALL the time that's not good for My team.?? Remember people, TDM is a T E A M effort! ??SO, I found that I could help out by protecting my team with 'supporting' or 'covering' fire and tending to our snipers and spawning team members protection.
???? Yes, I do use a M60 w/ an acog scope, Deep Impact, and extra ammo or Stopping Power, or claymores a LOT, but that's what works for me and my style of play. And Yes, it pisses-off a lot of Retard Runners to get killed so many times by the same person, who is just waiting for them again and again.?? Psychological warfare? ?? Oh well, to each his own.
?? I have already earned my level 55 and all my gold weapons so I'm not out for my own personal gain, my contribution to the Team score is my focus.?? A positive K/D is MY goal.?? If I have to respond to someone about camping all the time, I simply refer them to my name and to their K/D ....which most times is worse than mine.
???? I'm "Too Old To Run" ... but I'm Not "Too Old To PLAY", so don't forget the marshmallows when you come to My camping location.
I used to be "TheFamilyDog" and one day it just hit me that i wanted a new name. I forget what server I was in but i just went into chat and said "what would make a good name. I want a new one" and someone said elmer fudd. I thought meh elmer wasnt a good match for me as far as his personality but i was definitely a buggs bunny so I named myself "ThePeskyWabbit" and over time everyone just called me pesky so that stuck.
My name is directly derived from my indubitably impeccable swagger. (;
~??If my post text is really large it's because I've posted from my phone and it does weird sh*t. Sorry 'bout that. ~
Well I'm not a fan of n00b's so therefore the name I liked was N00B3NATOR. When I first started playing PC games (Delta Force Blackhawk Down) I used to use the name #1 Sniper because I enjoyed sniping but soon after starting to play COD4, I realized that the style of game was completely different and this isn't a sit back and snipe from a mile away type of game. Since I suck a sniping in COD4, I didn't want to use that name.

Back in my Blackhawk Down days, I was a part of a clan (The Four Dragons) that was a front runner at making high quality maps.
[Image: n00b4.png]

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-373E28-D2E1B5-889C63-889C63.png]
Delta force blackhawk down??? I haven't heard of those in forever! We still have the original somewhere. I loved those games!
I still have BlackHawk Down and Delta Force Xtreme. I started on DFX and moved to BHD then onto CoD4. Those were the good old days
My name doesn't mean "MAYONAISE".

Here is the meaning of my name:
[Image: b_460x42_C000000-222222-333333-CCCCCC-FFCC00-FFCC00.png]
My name is my fighting name from playing Belegarth ( if you want to know what it is.) I added Lord to it at some point but dont remember when; the ^^ in my name on steam and teamspeak comes from a group I was part of back in the days of SWBF2 that has since died off. ^Hidden Arrows^ was a group of elite players that was pretty much banned from every server because of our skill level with Vader on Mos Eisley assault. Great group of guys, I remember those days by keeping the arrows in my name.
When in doubt, C4

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